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John Dittman
Shirley Mackins

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Main Office: (315) 435-4135
Guidance Office: (315) 435-4866

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573 E. Genesee St.
Syracuse, NY 13202

The Johnson Center's mission is to provide our students with the opportunity to learn a skill that can support them for life. We will accomplish this through our continued effort to keep our programs current and aligned with industry standards and post secondary educational opportunities.
School News
Student Test Scores Show Increase in Achievement Student Test Scores Show Increase in Achievement: SCSD students made strong gains in the first half of the school year, according to new data highlighting student growth on the STAR ELA and Math Assessments.   The STAR assessments are administered to students in kindergarten through 11 th grade each year in September, December and May and are a screening and progress monitoring tool, showing teachers and school staff students’ baseline knowledge, as well as areas for intervention, remediation or acceleration.   ... more >>
Superintendent's Student Cabinet Now Accepting Applications! Superintendent's Student Cabinet Now Accepting Applications!: Interim Superintendent Alicea is looking for dedicated, dynamic and diverse students to represent this year’s Superintendent's Student Cabinet ! We are seeking three students, per grade level, per high school in order to have a cabinet filled with vibrant and varied volunteers! This year, we will focus on the tenet of social justice and how you can become agents for your school, for the Syracuse City School District and for your community. Social justice is defined as "... ... more >>
SCSD Students Vote in Mock Election SCSD Students Vote in Mock Election: With 70 percent of the vote, SCSD students recently elected Hillary Clinton to become the new President of the United States! The 3,300 student ballots favored Clinton over Gary Johnson (10.2% of votes), Donald Trump (9.7%) and Jill Stein (9.2%).   Students at all SCSD high schools had the unique opportunity to vote for President, Congressional and Senate representatives in a mock election. The idea behind the activity was to help students gain an interest in civics and to promote active ... more >>
Johnson Center Students Enjoy Trip to Washington, DC Johnson Center Students Enjoy Trip to Washington, DC: A team of teachers at the Johnson Center, led by Jenniffer Benedetto, recently took 20 of their hardest working students on a trip to Washington, DC! The students were hoping to expand their horizons, as many had never been out of Syracuse, and they were looking forward to exploring museums and exhibits in Washington, DC that they have only heard about or seen in textbooks.    "Our school is stigmatized as being a place where 'bad kids’ go,” English teacher Jenniffer ... more >>
Students Begin to Direct Their Own Education with Blended Learning Students Begin to Direct Their Own Education with Blended Learning: In Jenniffer Benedetto’s Cultural Voices class at the Johnson Center, one day begins with an interactive Kahoot lesson quiz. Students then watch a series of short videos, interspersed with discussion, and then break out to alternate between group work and independent assignments. This is blended learning at work at Johnson Center.   At Franklin Elementary, one group of students sits quietly at their desks, filling out an independent writing prompt. Another group sits at computers, ... more >>

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