SCSD/OCC Transition Program

Accounting Department
Maureen Blake-Cooper
Anne Connolly
(315) 498-6092
Room 150 Mawhinney Hall
Ononodaga Community College



The mission of the Syracuse City School District/Onondaga Community College partnership is to provide comprehensive academic, social and vocational experiences to advance each student's future plan for self-sufficiency and employability.

SCSD Transition at OCC

The SCSD/OCC Campus Based Partnership is a transition high school program housed at Onondaga Community College. This is a partnership with Onondaga Community College, college affiliated businesses, and Syracuse City Schools. Accepted Special Education students aged 18 and up are transferred from each of the 5 SCSD high schools to complete a 1-2 year program earning work-based learning hours in mentored on campus jobsites. On completion students earn one of these options:
  • High school CDOS (Career Development Occupational Studies Credential)
  • High school SACC (Skills and Achievement Commencement Credential)
  • High school local diploma
The essential elements of the SCSD/OCC Partnership are:

Job Training Integrated within the School Day

Students will:
  • train on entry-level job sites under mentors in the OCC Facilities Department or at American Dining Creation sites across campus 
  • experience and observe supervisory, subordinate and coworker roles in several workplaces
  • use online resources and job experience to broaden their skills, abilities and interests while practicing strong work habits
  • practice functional academic skills for occupational success with digital tools, reading, math, creating resumes, completing applications and exploring the vocational curriculum
  • receive frequent feedback on performance

Universal Foundation Skills

Students will:
  • learn and practice independent Centro travel
  • participate in daily discussions of job site challenges, self-evaluation and solutions
  • practice positive skills and professional communication across settings
  • have opportunities to lead peers on sites they are familiar with
  • use technology to organize store and present data
  • learn about and connect with adult service supports to help build independence and meet personal goals

Social engagement

Students will:
  • use campus resources to stay active and connected to the young adult age group
  • participate in campus activities, concerts, speaker and topic meetings
  • use non-academic OCC student resources including the library, Lazer lounge, fitness center, clubs and activities
  • host Service Learners and Human Service Interns as peer mentors

2018-19 New Student Application
New student applications for the 2018-19 SCSD/OCC Campus-Based Partnership are due by March 9, 2018. To receive an application, please contact Maureen Blake-Cooper or Anne Connolly via email or by calling (315) 498-6092.


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