McKinley-Brighton Students Learn Engineering with Summer School Programming

     Published on 8/22/18   Tagged under:    District News    McKinley-Brighton Elementary School   

Fourth and fifth grade students at McKinley-Brighton became expert engineers this summer, thanks to visitors from the Rocket Club of Syracuse and an engaging STEM-based curriculum.
AIS teacher Kelly Carey-Raymond developed the curriculum, with the goal of exposing students to the many possible career choices in engineering. “Many of the students did not know anything about engineering coming in, so this was a way to introduce that while continuing the subject matter that students are expected to learn during the school year, and while having fun,” she explained.
Students said they enjoyed the hands-on experiments they were able to conduct.
“Learning how to make and launch rockets was my favorite part of summer school,” McKinley-Brighton fifth grader Honesty Wilson said. “I had never launched a rocket before, and it was fun to learn about something I didn’t know about.”
In addition to building their own rockets, students also tested soap to see which kind would make the biggest bubble, tested how light travels from one medium to another, tested dice probabilities and more.
“We learned about refraction,” sixth grader Juelz Colton explained. “When you put a straw in a plastic cup of water and it looks like it’s bent, that’s refraction because of how the light changes.”
“It was really neat seeing the excitement on my students’ faces as they were constructing and launching their rockets,” teacher Courtney Paddock said. “This was a first time experience for all of my students, and they had a fantastic time! It was quite the learning experience, and many of my students had such an incredible time that said they want to go to the Syracuse Rocket Club to build and launch more rockets!”