Bellevue Receives OCRRA Recycling Award

     Published on 9/28/18   Tagged under:    District News    Bellevue Elementary School   

Bellevue Elementary recently received the 2018 Vonnell Mastri Recycling Excellence Award, presented by OCRRA. Thanks to efforts led by teacher John-Henry Jackson, the school was recognized for demonstrating excellent recycling habits. At Bellevue, students and staff recycle in each classroom, and they even go the extra mile to recycle at community events that take place on their campus, even outside of school hours.
Fifth graders Zechariah Capers and Samuel Bunch were recognized for their continued efforts to lead the school’s recycling efforts, choosing to participate in every step of the recycling program’s implementation at Bellevue.
“If you put trash on the ground, it can get into the ocean,” Samuel explained. “Then, it pollutes the environment.”
“Recycling is important because it helps make our world better and cleaner,” Zechariah added.
Congratulations to Bellevue on their impressive #GreenSCSD program… keep up the great work!