ITC Media Students Intern at WCNY

     Published on 11/27/18   Tagged under:    District News    ITC   

This is a photo of a girl smiling while standing next to a TV studio camera.From noon until 2 pm each day, six ITC Media Communications students are gaining work experience at the WCNY studios. As interns, they work alongside students from other local school districts, gaining experience in TV and radio production, event management, business, editing and more.
“Since we’re already studying media, I thought it would be cool to learn in an actual studio,” Claudia Pels said. “I like the idea of letting this experience help me see what I would like to do one day.”
WCNY had asked for 3-5 interns from ITC. Six applied. Staff were so impressed with the students who interviewed that they hired all of them!
Aside from the media work, the students said the internship has also been a good experience for networking, noting that through their internship they have even had conversations with the CEO of WCNY.
“I was inspired by what he has done,” Pich Chet said. “I think I’d like to work in business one day, and the internship at WCNY has helped us start to build our networks. It’s also been beneficial to get out of the school environment and work more in a professional setting. I’ve learned how to market material to consumers, how to write more professional letters and emails, and I’ve been able to volunteer with WCNY events.”
“I thought I wanted to work with cameras, but at WCNY we’ve started doing some editing on the computer,” Gay Doh Soe said. “I think I might like to work in editing now – I like that if there’s a mistake, you can use editing to fix it!”
The internship at WCNY also includes taking classes from Onondaga Community College professors, where students engage in English content on certain days while at WCNY. What a great opportunity to help these future media moguls become #SCSDCareerReady!