Superintendent's Message - 11/30/18

     Published on 12/3/18   Tagged under:    Superintendent   

I appreciated the opportunity to speak at Leadership Academy gatherings this week for our Principals, Vice Principals and Administrative Interns. I can’t stress enough how important it is that we support all of our staff and provide them with opportunities to collaborate, share struggles and adopt best practices. I appreciate everyone’s participation!
I came across a recent Facebook post that I wanted to share with you.  Social media can sometimes be filled with negativity, but Corcoran instructional coach Rhiannon White decided to use it in a positive and powerful way. She sent out a message asking Corcoran alumni to share their stories so our future students could be motivated by their success and empowered by their advice. The posts are still coming in, but it is remarkable to see the great things our Corcoran alumni are doing. #SCSDAlumni are all over the world, in different careers, making a difference!
This week’s #SCSDLookBack video includes science experiments at Syracuse Latin, LeMoyne students learning about energy, attendance awards at Webster and Frazer, an Oratorical Contest at Corcoran, Grant students making shaving cream drawings, Danforth students learning to cook, Dr. King students volunteering to help their classmates, small group instruction at Dr. Weeks, a roller skating party at Van Duyn, Westside Academy students practicing graphing functions in math class and more.

This weekend, don’t miss the PSLA at Fowler performance of “Freaky Friday!” Students will be performing tonight and tomorrow night at 7 pm. This is the last high school play of the season, so I hope you will stop out to support our talented thespians.