McKinley-Brighton Students Enjoy #SCSDArts Workshop with Illustrator

     Published on 12/10/18   Tagged under:    District News    McKinley-Brighton Elementary School   

This is a photo of an illustrator pointing to the sketchbook of a young girl sitting at a table as another student looks on.“I messed up,” a student sighed as she looked up from her new sketchbook.
“You did not mess up! There is no messing up here,” illustrator London Ladd insisted.
Thanks to a visit arranged by Onondaga Community College, a small group of McKinley-Brighton scholars enjoyed a special workshop with the acclaimed illustrator. They were provided with their own sketchbooks to keep, and even received tips and encouragement from the illustrator himself.
The one rule they were given: no erasing allowed!
“A sketchbook is for your eyes only, unless you want to share it,” Mr. Ladd said. “It’s a tool for you to help you get better and for you to put your emotions into.”
Students used pencils, crayons and pen to write three positive words or things that inspire them and the 10 things they most enjoy drawing.
Then, they learned how to fill a page – drawing over things instead of erasing them – and using their drawings to tell a story.
“I’m happy to have my sketch book,” fifth grader Nazjhay Richarson said. “I’ll use it to try my best every day. Mr. Ladd is trying to help us get better at sketching. I want to be an artist when I grow up, so this will help me practice!”
Thank you, Mr. Ladd and OCC, for this opportunity to help our young artists develop their #SCSDArts skills!