Partnership with 4-H Program Teaches Middle School Students Healthy Living

     Published on 1/24/19   Tagged under:    District News    Clary Middle School    Danforth Magnet School    Roberts preK-8 School   

A 4H educator leans over a desk, helping a student form a paper bead as part of a craft project.One day a week, students in the after school program at Clary, Danforth and Roberts enjoy lessons from the 4H Program from Cornell Cooperative Extension of Onondaga County, as part of Syracuse University's Liberty Partnership Program. Through this programming, students are engaged in hands-on life lessons focused around STEM, healthy living and civic engagement.
All of the lessons are hands-on, interdisciplinary, and cover a diverse range of skills and topics. This year, students have learned the art of scrapbooking, cooked fried rice, and learning how to sew a heating pad. They pedaled a bicycle retrofitted with a motor to power a blender – an “energy bike” – to make healthy smoothies. They even learned how to make jewelry out of recycled materials like magazine pages and fabric scraps, as part of a lesson on sustainability.
“We’ve made fried rice, bracelets and slime,” seventh grader Jabari Oblie said. “It’s been fun, and I enjoy doing the cooking and arts and crafts!”
Later in the year, students will be learning about self-care, where they will examine their emotions, learn about healthy mood management and explore what it means to live mindfully – all through an assortment of fun games and activities!
“Students have loved the lessons so far this year and are enjoying the chance to learn about so many different things in a fun way that is different from their experiences with a traditional school setting,” 4-H/CCE Educator Ashmita Das explained. “They especially like being able to utilize skill sets that may not be relevant in their regular classes, like their cooking knowledge that they've picked up from making meals with their families. The skills that students learn from these enrichment lessons are not limited to arts and crafts or cooking, however. In the process, they are also learning about respect, teamwork, creating a sense of community and more. I have already seen so much growth and development in our students!”
The mission of 4H is to help students develop leadership, responsibility and life skills through an engaging curriculum that empowers students to thrive. Thank you to the 4H and Syracuse University's Liberty Partnership Program leaders who are teaching these interactive lessons!