Corcoran Student Supports

Tiered System of Supports

Tier 1

Schoolwide and classroom practices that promote the development and practice of pro-social behaviors, self-discipline, habits of learning, and healthy well-being.
Tara Jennings
Coordinator for Student Behavior
Hugh Hogle
Dignity Act Coordinator
Maria Scaravillo
Dignity Act Coordinator, Social Worker
Gina Robert and Wesley Hampton
Behavior Intervention Center
Boyce, Marrin, Dunn, Lara, McElroy
School Counselors
Mary Lisa Wade
Family Engagement Facilitator

Tier 2

Coordinated supports that match students’ social, emotional, and mental health needs to address the root cause of an issue.
Lakitha Patterson
Promise Zone Specialist
Meghan Snell
Special Education Administrator
Jen Tarolli
Special Education Liaison
Maria Scarvillo and Krystal Tull
Social Workers
Adams, Baratta, Bell, Ramos, Jackson
Youth Advocates
Bonilla and Sullivan
Youth Advocates

Tier 3

Intensive, specialized support.
Carla Arredondo
Mental Health Clinicians, Liberty Resources
Alysia Vazquez
Family Support for Student Success, School
Monique Stevens
Family Support for Student Success, Family
Jennifer Redmond
ACCESS - Child Welfare School Liaison
Tyra Briggs
Attendance Assistant
John Guba and Stephanie Rothenberg
School Psychologists
Katie Arney-Rattray and Christine LeCates
Student Assistance Counselors