Lincoln Students Become Published Authors

     Published on 4/23/19   Tagged under:    District News    Lincoln Middle School   

This is a photo of four middle school aged girls holding a book in which their writing was published.Four Lincoln students are now published authors, thanks to a national writing contest.
In the fall, several Lincoln students attended writing lab sessions in the school’s library, where they used provided story prompts to write their own short stories to enter into the Stranger Sagas writing contest, sponsored by Young Writers USA. Prompts included several eerie scenarios, and students were limited to 100 words to tell a vivid story.
Nine students submitted their finished stories for publication – and all of them were selected! A few students chose not to have their stories published, but eighth graders Lauren Cameron, Grace Holtsbery, Sammi McGiveron, Caitlin Soler and Ally Summers-Johnson jumped at the chance.
“I thought the prompts were all awesome,” Grace explained. “I’m obsessed with Stranger Things, and I’ve always loved writing creatively.”
“My story used the ‘it was too late’ theme,” Sammi said. “I liked the prompt because it seemed wide open and I felt like I could do anything with it! I’m not great at writing, but this contest was a great opportunity to get better and it really let my creativity flow.”
“I wrote my story using a prompt that sounded similar to other stories I’ve read,” Lauren added. “I wanted to take it in a different direction. I’ve tried to write my own stories in the past but have never finished one. This contest let me finish my story, and now it’s published in a book!”
One student even said that the experience has prompted her to continue her writing.
“The prompt I used – stepping off an airplane into an empty airplane terminal – let my imagination run wild,” Caitlin Soler said. “The contest has inspired me to write my own chapter book!”
You can read the students’ stories in the book ‘Stranger Sagas: New York,’ published by Young Writers USA. Copies can be purchased through Jennifer Groff, Teacher Librarian at Lincoln Middle School, by calling (315) 435-4456. Congratulations to these young authors on their success!