GMS Replaces Time Capsule

     Published on 4/28/19   Tagged under:    Grant Middle School   

On March 27, 2019, Grant staff, scholars, and construction crew replaced the time capsule into the date cornerstone of Grant Middle School.  The previous time capsule, which had been placed in the date stone in 1931, was damaged in the restoration of the Grant Middle School facade.  Grant commissioned a new time capsule which was replaced in March.  The new time capsule contained the original artifacts from the 1931 time capsule as well as a variety of Grant Middle School t-shirts, pictures of Grant Middle School facility and students, a booklet about the diversity of our school community, March, 2019 newspapers, spare change, and a letter from our Principal Primerano:

It is with great honor that I write this letter for the 2019 Grant Middle School Time Capsule. I am currently in my second year as principal of Grant and, thus far, they have been my favorite years. I have spent my entire educational career in the Syracuse City School District. I started my career a few miles away as an English teacher at Henninger High School. From there I spent time at Dr. Weeks Elementary, Fowler High School, The Institute of Technology at Syracuse Central, and Frazer School.
In addition, I grew up a few blocks to the east, on Berkshire Ave, and a few blocks to the south, on Spring Street, from Grant School. The city of Syracuse, and the people of it, has always been the literal and figurative center of my world. Being a child of two immigrant parents, the diversity of Grant and the entire school district has always been a highlight of our community. Although the faces, and nations from which those faces came, have changed, the North Side of Syracuse continues to be robust with diversity. It would be difficult to walk or drive down any North Side street on a pleasant day and not see the beautiful eclectic dress or hear the eloquence of different tongues from the members of our community.
This diversity has lent itself to the population of Grant Middle School. Thirty percent of our scholars are English Language Learners, who speak multiple languages and bring their cultures to our building. Again, our diversity isn’t necessarily considered diverse within our building. This is our community; a mix of different faces, languages, styles, and abilities. We are Grant Middle School and we are the SCSD.
Of all the building that I have worked in, Grant has been the most collaborative and talented. Our educators have their own styles and expertise. I find myself repeating to staff members that the answers to our questions are in the rooms next door. Whether it’s content, classroom management or pedagogy, we have the luxury of having experts throughout this enormous building. Our focus has been on Personalizing Learning for our scholars through use of digital content tools, student collaboration and teacher-directed instruction. Our classes average roughly twenty-seven students a class. Our teachers are becoming proficient in being able to deliver the specific instruction that individual scholars need. Education has never been, nor should ever be, one size fits all. Our scholars need this, now more than ever.
I’m incredibly proud to be a member of the Syracuse community, and even more proud to be the principal of this building. Hopefully, whenever this time capsule is found, it is because the building is being expanded because of the success that our staff and scholars have made.

Bruno Primerano