Frazer Students Share Cultures through Diversity Day Activity

     Published on 5/21/19   Tagged under:    District News    Frazer K-8 School   

This is a photo of a teacher standing next to a student who is sitting at a desk, writing.Frazer students sat at their desks, a laptop in front of each of them. They opened the Internet and navigated to Google.
Their searches were varied: Eritrea foods, Somalia climate, Tanzania government, Uganda language, Nigeria clothing, Nepal geography and more.
As part of a Diversity Day project, funded by a grant from the SCSD Educational Foundation, the students each researched either their country of origin or their cultural heritage. They would complete a packet of questions about the nation of their choosing, and then use that information – coupled with family interviews and other information – to create a digital presentation that would be shared with others in the school.
To help prompt their research, in class, students read a book “The Journey” about a family who escaped a war-torn country for freedom. Students shared with each other the connections they saw to their own stories. They also discussed how new immigration policies in the United States make them feel.
“I was born in Syria,” sixth grade student Rawan Almahmoud explained to her classmates. “When I was five or six, a war started. We left because there was too much shooting, and we went to Jordan. After maybe four years, we came to the United States so we could be safe.”
Students expressed excitement as they completed their research, noting that it was helping them feel more connected to their family and their heritage.
“Because the topic is meaningful to them, it makes them excited about learning,” Ms. Trapasso said. “Their heritage is important to them, so they enjoy sharing… and they understand the importance of learning about other cultures.”
What a great way to celebrate #SCSDDiversity!
This is one of 22 projects funded in 17 schools this year by the SCSD Educational Foundation, totaling more than $62,000. To learn more about this year’s grant projects, please visit