Farmer’s Markets Encourage SCSD Students to Make Healthy Choices

     Published on 6/26/19   Tagged under:    District News    Bellevue Elementary School    Delaware Primary    Dr King Elementary School    Dr Weeks Elementary School    Frazer K-8 School    Huntington K-8 School    HW Smith K-8 School    LeMoyne Elementary School    Meachem Elementary School    Roberts preK-8 School    Seymour Dual Language Academy    Van Duyn Elementary School   

This is a photo of two Onondaga County Health Department staff members posing with five Meachem students holding bags of fresh fruits and vegetables.Students at LeMoyne, Roberts, Frazer, Van Duyn, Delaware, Bellevue, Huntington, HW Smith, Seymour, Dr. Weeks, Meachem and Dr. King had the opportunity to try new fresh fruits and vegetables this year, thanks to Farmer’s Markets in their school buildings!
In partnership with the Onondaga County Health Department, the American Heart Association and other community agencies, students were able to select and sample their own bag of fresh produce.
“It is our hope that this opportunity increases exposure to produce and teaches children that farmer’s markets are an excellent food retail outlet,” Rachel Murphy, SCSD Director of Food and Nutrition Services, said. “Within Syracuse, farmer’s market opportunities are widely available; and, in some cases, are the only source of fresh produce within select neighborhood food deserts. As our children grow up to become gatekeepers of their own homes, I hope that we have taught them through experiences such as school-based farmer’s markets that by shopping at your local farmer’s market, you can find an excellent array of healthy produce at a great price while supporting your local farmers. It is a win for everyone!”
What a great way to help encourage students to make healthy choices when it comes to their nutrition!