Danforth Counseling Office

Danforth Middle School
Counseling Center

Mr. Mason has been working at Danforth Middle School for four years. Previously, he contributed to the Syracuse community as a teacher, vice principal, and principal. He also works with honor roll students and students with high GPAs who make up the student council to prepare them for college. Mr. Mason is in charge of sixth and seventh graders.

Mrs. McCarthy started at Danforth Middle School in September of 2014. She has had extensive experience in middle schools around the Syracuse area. She most recently worked at the Frazer K—8 School. She is in charge of all eighth graders at Danforth.

This May, some students will be attending the M.A.T.E. Underwater Robotics Competition. Danforth is the first school in the district to participate in the program. The students will design and build a robot that can perform several tasks underwater.
Naviance is a nation-wide program that helps students find colleges and careers, and encourages them to continue on the path to success. By starting students with Naviance in middle school, we are setting their goals early and making it easier for them to apply to college later on.
  • Boys: football, soccer, track
  • Girls: soccer, track
  • Girls: volleyball, basketball
  • Boys: basketball, wrestling, swimming, track
  • Girls: softball, track
  • Boys: baseball, track, lacrosse
Support Programs:
  • M.O.S.T. Development Program
  • R.I.T. STEM program
  • Say YES to Education's Huntington Family Support
  • One-on-One Brownell Counseling
  • Hillside Work-Scholarship Connection
  • Syracuse University, LPP