SCSD to Host 2019-20 C4E Budget and Narrative Public Hearing

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The Syracuse City School District will hold a 2019-20 C4E Budget and Narrative public hearing on August 19th from 4-5 pm at the Central Office (725 Harrison Street), Board Rooms 2 and 3.

Please see below for details about the preliminary C4E Budget and Narrative. 

2019-20 Contract for Excellence Narratives
Program Narrative - Please address changes in your existing C4E programs, including any redesign or reallocation. Also, describe how activities support the Regents Reform Agenda.

The District will maintain Time on Task efforts by focusing on aspects of the instructional core and providing targeted instruction and intervention to students.  Teaching assistants will continue to enhance our ability to provide targeted small group tutoring as well as individual instruction, and we will continue to support literacy and numeracy skills for students who are underperforming in all middle schools via ELA, mathematics, and reading teachers.  This will also include supports provided to us through the implementation of Say Yes to Education.  The partnership with the National Center for Time and Learning has provided the structure and support for extending the day in twelve schools.
Full-day Kindergarten and PreK programs will be maintained.  PreK classes at Grant Middle School will continue to be held at other locations within the District.
The District intends to build out the bilingual and sheltered English as a New Language programming in accordance with CR Part 154.  We opened Delaware Primary school at Delaware’s campus in 2014-15 to offer bilingual instructional programming for students.  This new school is expanding to include full-day kindergarten through fifth grade in 2019-20.
In addition, we restructured Fowler High School to open a new school focused on challenging academic content and learning opportunities through career and technical education (CTE) programs.  The Public Service Leadership Academy at Fowler serves students in grades nine through twelve.
2019-20 Contract for Excellence Narratives
Targeting Narrative - Please address both student educational need and building-level accountability status as reflected in the attached Targeting Matrix. Explain how the district and school Comprehensive Plan supports the program. (See 2011-12 Accountability Status:
All C4E funds have been targeted to C4E identified schools following the Educational Need Matrix.  We are targeting ELL students and literacy and numeracy initiatives with school-based literacy and math instructional coaches and additional ELA and math teachers.  We are targeting PreK-12 students with the implementation of our Say Yes to Education program to address socio-emotional needs and extended day learning supports in all quadrants of the District.  In addition, we will still maintain full-day PreK classes added since 2007.
Performance Narrative - Describe the district's expected performance targets for the accountability criteria and disaggregated groups for which the school has failed to make Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP) in the past year.
The Syracuse City School District was identified in 2004 as a District in Need of Improvement for English Language Arts achievement for the student with disabilities (SWDs) and English language learners (ELLs) subgroups. Since the Elementary and Secondary Education Act waiver, all of our schools are identified as either Priority or Focus Schools. While our graduation rate remains relatively stable, we have large numbers of students not graduating in four or five years and/or dropping out.
The percentage of students living in poverty continues to increase each year with more than 85% of our students qualifying for free or reduced meals during the 2018-19 year.  More than 20% of our K-12 students are identified as students with disabilities and over 15% of our students are English Language Learners. These high risk factors are challenges faced by all of our schools and our community as a whole. As a result, many interventions or initiatives that are implemented are done so District-wide to improve student achievement in all classrooms.  In addition to the systematic effort, additional supports are provided to our most underperforming schools where there are high percentages of struggling students.
We piloted a Newcomer Program in the 2009-10 school year to address the needs of students coming to the District with little or no formal education in their native language. This program will assist in decreasing our ELL dropout rate, and our sheltered approach to ESL instruction will provide more support to students in need of English language development. We are also still not graduating a high percentage of our students with disabilities, another at-risk group in SCSD.
Our schools in highest academic need also have a high level of poverty and in many cases high numbers of ELLs and students with disabilities, who at times account for more than a third of a school’s overall student population. Our struggling students need more time and intervention to close achievement gaps through after school programs, summer school, specialized ELA and math courses designed to catch students up, and individual and small group tutoring and instruction. The increase of ELA, math and AVID teachers who use differentiated instruction to meet the needs of these at risk students, including those with disabilities and ELLS, will better support all students toward graduating from high school to be college and career ready.
2019-20 Contract for Excellence Narratives
Our Say Yes to Education Project will assist in supporting afterschool programs, summer programs, tutorials, and higher education incentives to encourage students to stay in school, graduate and go on to college.  Say Yes will also provide socio-emotional supports for students in the primary grades as well as legal services for families, mentoring for our middle level students, mental health services, increased social workers in our buildings and a new student assessment system.
Experimental or District-wide Programs Narrative - If applicable.
Contract for Excellence Plan for 2019-20
BUILDING:       Submit Completed Plan to       2018-19 Contract Amount $12,688,952
      22204   22181 22401 22290 22046      
      Time on Task Class-Size Reduction HS or MS Restructuring Teacher/Principal Quality Full Day K
or Pre-K
ELL Programs Experimental Programs District-wide Programs Grand Totals
Building Name BEDS Code Accountability Status $ Amount $ Amount $ Amount $ Amount $ Amount $ Amount $ Amount $ Amount $ Amount
BELLEVUE ELEMENTARY SCHOOL 421800010004 Comprehensive Support and Improvement $92,000       $170,000 $149,000     $411,000
BRIGHTON ACADEMY 421800010075 Comprehensive Support and Improvement           139,000     $139,000
CLARY MIDDLE SCHOOL 421800010003 Comprehensive Support and Improvement 187,000               $187,000
CORCORAN HIGH SCHOOL 421800010033 Comprehensive Support and Improvement 435,000         284,000     $719,000
DELAWARE ACADEMY 421800010041 Closing 0               $0
DELAWARE PRIMARY 421800010072 Good Standing         166,565       $166,565
DR WEEKS ELEMENTARY SCHOOL 421800010052 Good Standing 63,000       459,000 74,000     $596,000
EDWARD SMITH K-8 SCHOOL 421800010008 Targeted Support and Improvement         219,000 290,000     $509,000
EXPEDITIONARY LEARNING MIDDLE SCH 421800010058 Good Standing     310,000           $310,000
FRANKLIN ELEMENTARY SCHOOL 421800010021 Good Standing         283,358 302,000     $585,358
FRAZER K-8 SCHOOL 421800010022 Targeted Support and Improvement 193,000       325,000 219,000     $737,000
GRANT MIDDLE SCHOOL 421800010035 Good Standing 154,000     142,000   262,000     $558,000
HENNINGER HIGH SCHOOL 421800010040 Targeted Support and Improvement 459,000     129,000   432,000     $1,020,000
HUNTINGTON K-8 SCHOOL 421800010015 Good Standing 238,000       227,000 205,000     $670,000
HURLBUT W SMITH K-8 SCHOOL 421800010031 Good Standing 56,000       191,000 365,000     $612,000
INSTITUTE OF TECH AT SYRACUSE CENTRAL 421800010047 Good Standing 121,000               $121,000
LEMOYNE ELEMENTARY SCHOOL 421800010012 Good Standing 156,000         101,000     $257,000
LINCOLN MIDDLE SCHOOL 421800010048 Comprehensive Support and Improvement           76,000     $76,000
MCKINLEY-BRIGHTON ELEMENTARY 421800010042 Targeted Support and Improvement         336,000 190,000     $526,000
MEACHEM ELEMENTARY SCHOOL 421800010011 Targeted Support and Improvement         73,000       $73,000
NOTTINGHAM HIGH SCHOOL 421800010039 Comprehensive Support and Improvement 483,000         246,000     $729,000
PORTER ELEMENTARY SCHOOL 421800010027 Targeted Support and Improvement         275,000 133,000     $408,000
PUBLIC SERVICE LEADERSHIP ACADEMY 421800010071 Good Standing 370,000         273,000     $643,000
ROBERTS K-8 SCHOOL 421800010010 Comprehensive Support and Improvement 65,000       276,000 113,000     $454,000
SALEM HYDE ELEMENTARY SCHOOL 421800010013 Good Standing           168,000     $168,000
SEYMOUR DUAL LANGUAGE ACADEMY 421800010028 Comprehensive Support and Improvement 89,000       278,000 149,000     $516,000
STEAM @ DR KING ELEMENTARY 421800010074 Comprehensive Support and Improvement         330,000 174,000     $504,000
SYRACUSE LATIN SCHOOL 421800010070 Recognition School         95,000       $95,000
SYRACUSE STEM AT BLODGETT 421800010073 Comprehensive Support and Improvement           133,029     $133,029
VAN DUYN ELEMENTARY SCHOOL 421800010006 Good Standing         299,000       $299,000
WEBSTER ELEMENTARY SCHOOL 421800010043 Targeted Support and Improvement         310,000 157,000     $467,000
Totals     $3,161,000 $0 $310,000 $271,000 $4,312,923 $4,634,029 $0 $0 $12,688,952
                  Remaining Contract Amount (must equal $ 0) -  $0