Nottingham HS to Open Student Run Credit Union

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Nottingham High School has partnered with Cooperative Federal (Syracuse Cooperative Federal Credit Union) to create Nottingham Federal, a student-run credit union branch within the high school. The Credit Union will celebrate its Grand Opening on Friday, January 17th.

Nottingham Federal is dedicated to fostering hands-on financial education and empowering a new generation of savers. Students can open accounts, make deposits and withdrawals, enroll in direct deposit, cash checks, and talk about savings and money management – right during school hours. Teaching these lessons outside of the classroom allows students to learn financial education on their own terms. Abstract ideas are applied to real-life decisions, in a safe environment with trusted advisors. Nottingham Federal also provides academic enrichment and career-building opportunities to students, who can be involved as tellers, marketers, peer educators and more.

The opening of Nottingham Federal follows more than a year of planning by a team of Nottingham students. It is the third location to open under Cooperative Federal’s Youth Credit Union Program, which currently operates at both Fowler and Henninger High Schools. Cooperative Federal is a non-profit, community development credit union founded in Syracuse in 1983. Our mission is to rebuild the local economy in ways that foster justice, serve people and communities that are not well served by mainstream banks, and responsibly manage our members’ assets. Learn more at