Equity & Diversity


Affinity Groups

Positive and supportive cultures are created by the actions of each of us and are essential to the daily teaching and learning of not just our students, but also our staff. As a District, we recognize and celebrate the diversity of our student population on a daily basis.  The Office of Human Resources strives to ensure opportunities for all by recruiting, developing, supporting and retaining the most effective diverse staff.  We would like to continue our efforts and commitment in supporting all of our staff by working to develop advocacy groups for our collegues. 

Currently, we are establishing the groups listed below and invite others to share in these opportunities.  We would like to expand our efforts and invite you to join us!  If interested, please contact Jeannie Aversa or one of the chairs listed for the specific group.

Affinity Group Group Chairs/Email Link
Strong Women in Leadership (WIL)
Manami Tezuka (PDC)
Laurie Newsome (Brighton Academy)
Jasmine Price (PSLA)
Cynthia Thomas (Lincoln)
Latinos Para Tia'
Lillian Zayas (Seymour)
Illianatacha Rosa (Frazer)
Leslie Groth (Corcoran)
Joe Rodriquez (Seymour)
LGBTQ+ Affinity Group
Ray Stazzone (OSA)
Nick Stamoulacatos (Central Offices)
Shantanette Patrise-Johnson (Syr STEM @ Blodgett)
Seventh Generation Affinity Group
Jen DiBello (McCarthy)
Kimberly Sacco (Central Office)
Administrators/Leaders of Color Katrina Allen  (Principal, McKinley Brighton)
James Nieves (Principal, Seymour Elementary)
Corey Hepburn (Vice Principal, Henninger High School)
Alton Hicks (Supervisor, Nottingham)