HR Forms, Links and Important Documents

We value our employees and the impact and influence each has on our students, 
our families and our colleagues. We are building our future together. Below are important forms and documents for your reference.

General HR Forms/Documents - Public


General HR Forms/Documents - Staff

2021-22 School Calendar Digest
COVID-19 Certification Updates
COVID-19 Vaccination Verification Form
Discrimination/Harassment Complaint
Employee Exit Checklist
Employee Self Service Login Guide
Frontline QuickStart Guide - Employees
Frontline QuickStart Guide - Substitute
Frontline Quickstart Guide - Campus User
New Educator Pay Options
New Educator Survey
(Program for First-Year Educators)
Personal Day Request Form Sick Leave Bank Request
Sick Leave Bank - Request for Information
Substitute Teacher Feedback
Retirement/Resignation Form
Unit 10 Professional Development
Unit 2 Excellence Awards
Unit 2 Sick Leave Buy Back
Unit 2 Vacation Buy Back
Unit 3 Leave Time Buy Back
Unit 3 & 11 Professional Development
Unit 9 Professional Development
Unit 9 (10 Month) Recess Day Requests

Career Ladder Advancement

Collective Bargaining Agreements

EWA Agreements

Brighton Academy
Clary Middle 
Corcoran HS
Franklin Elementary 
Grant Middle 
HW Smith PK-8 
Lincoln Middle 
Roberts PK-8
STEAM @ Dr. King
Syracuse STEM @ Blodgett

Health Benefits - Information

Health Benefits - Forms

Recruitment, Selection and Hiring



Unit 1
Danielson Framework
Danielson Guide for Remote Teaching 
Core 4 and Danielson
CRE and Danielson Crosswalk
Danielson and Language!  Live Crosswalk Tool
ELL Alignment with Danielson Rubric Template
Interventionist & AIS Danielson Crosswalk Tool PLL
Special Ed Scenarios
Unit 1 Summer School Teacher Evaluation Form

Number of Evaluations per Length of Service
Independent Evaluators BIO Nov 2019

Model for Practitioner (MPE) Evaluations 

Teacher K-5 and 6-12 Guidelines
Library Media Specialist Guidelines
School Counselor Guidelines
School Psychologist Guidelines
School Social Worker Guidelines
Speech Language Pathologist Guidelines
Occupational and Physical Therapist Guidelines

MPE Timeline

Coach Evaluations

Coach Evaluation Handbook Rubric
Coach Evaluation Forms Template

Unit 2 
Unit 2 Building Leadership Framework
Practices-in-Administrator Evaluation
VP Evaluation Handbook
VP One Page Explanation

Principal Observation Timeline

Unit 2 & 3 Unit Central Office Administrators
Unit 2 & 3A CO Evaluation Handbook
Unit 2 & 3A CO Goal Setting Tool
Unit 2 & 3A Implementation One Page Explanation
Unit 2 & 3A Conference Meeting Summary

Unit 5
Unit 5 Evaluations

Unit 6
Unit 6 Evaluation

Unit 7
Unit 7 Evaluation

Unit 8
Unit 8 Bus Attendant Evaluation
Unit 8 TA - Attendant - Monitor Evaluation
Unit 8 Summer School

Unit 9
Unit 9 Evaluation

Unit 10
Unit 10 School Health Aide Evaluation
Unit 10 School Nurse
Unit 10 School Health Aide Summer School Evaluation

Unit 11 and Unit 3C
Unit 11 Evaluation