Delaware Students Enjoy Bilingual Café

     Published on 12/30/19   Tagged under:    District News    Delaware Primary   

This is a photo of a teacher kneeling next to a student, who is placing an order at the classroom's bilingual cafe.Students in the bilingual program at Delaware enjoyed a special treat to help them develop their dual language skills: they were invited to dine at a bilingual ‘restaurant’ in their classroom, Café de Jardin de Ninos!
“We were very excited to have a hands-on lesson with our little ones,” Natalia Lott, a Spanish as a New Language teacher, explained. “This unit talked about family and food, and [fellow teacher] Kelly and I decided to have a hands-on activity where the students can try foods, share as a family and learn words in English and Spanish. This is how the idea of having a little restaurant came to life!”
Students were able to order from a bilingual menu – ordering from a selection of pizza, fish, rice and salad. They were reminded to use proper manners as they ordered and thanked their servers.
“Yo quiero pizza y ensalada, por favor,” one student ordered. “I want pizza and salad, please.”
The teachers say they look forward to collaborating again on experiences like this, to bring learning to life in a creative way.
“Overall, the children did well,” English as a New Language teacher Kelly Durantini added. “They ordered from the menus, using the sentence frames we had given them. We also heard the students having relevant conversations with classmates, working on their speaking and listening skills. Having these real-world experiences helps students make connections to what they’re learning.”