Salem Hyde Students Host Fundraiser to Benefit Australia

     Published on 2/3/20   Tagged under:    District News    Salem Hyde Elementary School   

This is a photo of four Salem Hyde student council members presenting a check to a class of Salem Hyde kindergartners.Salem Hyde kindergarteners in Beth Craver’s class were studying plants as part of a CKLA unit, discussing their importance to people and animals. Ms. Craver discovered some age-appropriate videos about the brush fires in Australia, using those to explain the importance of eucalyptus trees to koalas, who eat the leaves and make homes in the trees.
“The kids were immediately hooked,” Ms. Craver said. “I poked around and found that the World Wildlife Fund was actually collecting money to plant new eucalyptus trees, and from there, the school took this on as a cause of their own!”
Ms. Craver made a Go Fund Me page. School custodians contributed $40. First grade students hung posters around the building promoting the fundraiser. The student council made daily announcements, and donations poured in. Collectively, the school raised more than $760 – including an $82 donation from the student council, which they raised at their own fundraiser.
“I am always touched at the way these kids step up and make causes their own and how well all aspects of a well-meaning project can lend itself to academics as well,” Ms. Craver added.
Way to go, Salem Hyde! We’re proud of your efforts to give back!