Ed Smith Kindergarten Students Visit Syracuse University

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At the Syracuse University Panasci Lounge, located in the Schine Student Center, there is artwork on display from students at Ed Smith and Dr. King Elementary schools as well as the work of residence life staff members all commemorating Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.  This is a part of “Dream Week,” which is sponsored by the Office of Residence Life annually.

A total of 90 kindergarten students from Ed Smith visited Syracuse University to view their work in the Panasci Lounge. “[This] has been happening for 16 years and yet this is the first time the students have come,” said Catherine Kellman, assistant director of residence life.  As the curious students walked in they marveled at all of the adults and the artwork in the lounge. Most were very excited to see their artwork on display and were able to identify their work immediately. 

There was an artwork display of self-portraits from Kindergarten students of Ms. Mary Lynn Mahan’s art class. Mahan teaches at Edward Smith where her students read “Martin’s Big Words: The Life of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.,” by Doreen Rappaport and illustrated by Brian Collier. The students also learned about King’s “big” words that perpetuated his dream. Nyla, 5, and Karmen, 5, were in attendance and shared some words they felt described Dr. King.  Nyla used the word “love” and Karmen used the word “equality.” “MLK likes kind words,” said Nyla when asked on her word choice. “Yes,” Karmen confidently answered when asked if she feels all people should be treated equally. 

The students spent an hour in the Panasci Lounge and enjoyed themselves. Students received a copy of  “March On! The Day My Brother Martin Changed the World,” by Christine King Farris and illustrator, London Ladd, who signed each copy. They also received another book titled “Oprah: The Little Speaker,” by Carol Boston Weatherford and illustrator, London Ladd. Teachers, parents and the staff from the office of residence life assisted the event and provided students with snacks after viewing the artwork.