Webster Students Show that Kindness is Cool

     Published on 3/2/20   Tagged under:    District News    Webster   

This is a photo of three kindergarten students smiling in front of a wall of construction paper hearts they have decorated.“She played with me, so I’m making her a heart,” Webster kindergarten student Anab Maow said as she used crayons to draw on a pink construction paper heart.
It’s never too soon to learn that kindness is cool! Anab and her classmates in Mrs. Gross’ class have been enjoying a yearlong project intended to help them create a positive school culture.
In the beginning of the school year, the class discussed school rules and procedures – including how they wanted their classroom to feel and how they wanted to be treated in school. As Mrs. Gross told students that her favorite word is ‘kind,’ one student asked “what does kind mean?” The movement was started.
The class read the book ‘Kindness is Cooler, Mrs. Ruler,’ and students were inspired by characters in the book, who made a wall of kindness using paper hearts. One student suggested putting the same idea into practice in their own classroom, and other students agreed.
Students started out drawing pictures on pink hearts and writing classmates’ names, giving them to peers they noticed being kind. As the year has progressed, students have started writing words and sentences.
“It makes you proud and leaves you a happy smile,” Teandre Pertilla-White said of receiving a heart. “Someone made one for me, and it made me not grumpy! You can do a lot of things to be kind, like sharing a toy.”
“The hearts are for friends when they do something nice for us, like if you fall down and someone asks if you are okay,” Sumaiya Abdi said.
“The smiles that have come from this project have been great,” Mrs. Gross explained. “This project has helped us to develop a caring classroom community. I notice students using kind words when they are working and playing and it gives our classroom an overall feeling of happiness. My goal was for students to understand what it meant to be kind, and I can definitely say that they not only know what it means but they can show it, too. They love to make the hearts and they get excited to give them to peers, and of course they like to receive them, too!”
Keep up the great work, Webster scholars!