Student District Email Access Instructions

     Published on 3/23/20   Tagged under:    PFLA   

All SCSD students in high school have access to email through their Office 365 account. Please follow the directions below to access your district email.

1. Use Mozilla Firefox or Chrome to access the district website (

2. Click on the “About” link at the top. Click on the “Libraries” link on the bottom right hand of the page.

3. Click on O365 (on the left side menu)

4. Sign in with your district (first initial of your first name, first five letters of your last name, last two letters of your student ID).

5. Enter your password (First initial of your first name, first initial of last name, month of birth, date of birth). For example: If John Smith was born on January first, his password would be: js0101

6. Click on Outlook App on Office365 dashboard. If you don’t see the app on the main dashboard click the link that says, “Explore all your apps” and search the list to find Outlook.

*Note: The first time that you open Outlook it will ask you to select your time zone – select Eastern Standard Time (EST)