Refugee Assistance

     Published on 3/24/20   Tagged under:    LeMoyne Elementary School   

In response to COVID, Refugee & Immigrant Self Empowerment-RISE has set up a 24/7 phone line to help connect refugees and immigrants with Limited English Proficiency to a RISE case manager in their preferred language for guidance and support. 


RISE 24 Hour Emergency Phone Number: 315-214-4480

    Follow prompts for language needed:

Press 1 for English/general Inquiries

Press 2 for Nepali

Press 3 for French, Swahali, and Lingala

Press 4 for Somali

Press 5 for Kizigua

Press 6 for Karen and Burmese

Press 7 Press 7 for Kinyarwandan, Kirundi

Press 8 for Arabic