Mindfulness Monday | March 30, 2020

     Published on 3/26/20   Tagged under:    District News   

Belly Breathing

During stressful times or in moments of intense emotion, young people may not have the coping skills to calm themselves. It is important that we teach the skills, model for them, and practice with them too!  Diaphragmatic breathing, also known as “belly breathing”, is a calming exercise that children (and parents!) can practice to relax and feel grounded.  Even children as young as three years old can learn!  Click the link below and follow along with the video to practice belly breathing together!


Daily Social Emotional Learning Tips

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Mindfulness Mondays: Mindfulness is the practice of separating yourself from the craziness of the outside world, and focusing on the calm center that is always inside of you.  Mindfulness activities can increase learning, cut down on impulsive behavior and hyperactivity, and reduce anxiety in both kids and adults alike. 

Practicing mindfulness together with your family can be fun and powerful!  Share pictures of your family practicing mindfulness together on Facebook and Twitter using the hashtag #SCSDCares.