Family Fun Friday | April 3, 2020

     Published on 3/26/20   Tagged under:    District News   

Musical Statues

Moving together as a family can be so much fun!  And since the weather is so unpredictable this time of year, you can take this game inside, or out!  While playing music, everyone will dance around to the beat (for fast songs... dance fast!  For slow songs... slow your dancing down).  When the music stops, everyone will FREEZE and be as still as statues in whatever position they froze in.  This is sure to create giggles and fun as everyone tries to stay in the silly position the ended their dance move in!  Make it more fun by taking turns being the “DJ”, so everyone gets a turn to play their favorite song!

Daily Social Emotional Learning Tips

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Family Fun Fridays: Family Fun Friday is meant to be just that… a day full of fun with those closest to you!  Our children, no matter how young or old, crave relationships.  Spending time with one another ensures that a deep, strong bond develops between you and your children.  Strong bonds can build confidence, improve communication skills, and reduce behavioral issues.  Family time can also provide an opportunity to make memories built on fun and laughter. 

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