Mindfulness Monday | April 6, 2020

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3-Minute Body Scan

Our bodies are really good at storing up the emotions that we don’t always notice. Practice this 3-minute body scan to get in touch with your body, let go of feelings of worry, and release pent-up emotions.

How does your body feel different after the body scan? Do you notice a change in your thoughts as well? What else do you notice after practicing this body scan?


Daily Social Emotional Learning Tips

Check the Syracuse City School District website daily for more Social Emotional Learning tips.

Mindfulness Mondays: Mindfulness is the practice of separating yourself from the craziness of the outside world, and focusing on the calm center that is always inside of you.  Mindfulness activities can increase learning, cut down on impulsive behavior and hyperactivity, and reduce anxiety in both kids and adults alike. 

Practicing mindfulness together with your family can be fun and powerful!  Share pictures of your family practicing mindfulness together on Facebook and Twitter using the hashtag #SCSDCares.