Thoughtful Thursday | April 9, 2020

     Published on 4/9/20   Tagged under:    District News   


During this time of so much uncertainty, it becomes important to take time to recognize the people in your life that you are grateful for. Gratitude helps us deal with toxic emotions, feel more positive emotions, and build stronger relationships with people. Research often associates the act of gratitude with greater happiness.
Today, take some time to write a “Kudos” note to someone!  A “kudos” is an authentic and specific note about what you value about them, or something they have done that you appreciate.  For more information, watch the 3-minute video below and read about how to write a “Kudos” to someone you are grateful for!

So, take time today to write down a "Kudos Note" to give someone authentic, specific feedback on what you value about them. 


Daily Social Emotional Learning Tips

Check the Syracuse City School District website daily for more Social Emotional Learning tips.

Thoughtful Thursdays: When we practice random acts of kindness, it releases positivity.  We feel better, and the recipients of our acts feel better, which makes them more likely to be kind to others!  Kindness can also reduce stress, reduce physical pain, strengthen bonds between people, and enhance both physical and mental health.  Each Thursday, a recommended Random Act of Kindness will be suggested. 

Share your pictures of your family participating in a Random Act of Kindness on Facebook and Twitter using the hashtag #SCSDCares.