Family Fun Friday | April 10, 2020

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Roundtable Stories

Storytelling is an art that each family member can participate in.  As families, we often tell stories about family members, grandparents, or other important relationships that have shaped our lives.  Story telling can also bring to life people, places, and experiences that a child may otherwise not know.  Children who are familiar with their family history are more resilient, have a lower risk of anxiety and depression than their peers.  Story telling can improve literacy skills as well!
So... Try a Roundtable Story activity!  Have your family come together in a circle with a “story telling talking piece” and pass the item around the circle.  On your turn with the “piece”, you make up a part of the story (for example, “One day, a little girl and little boy went for a walk, and they found a dark cave.”)  Then, pass on to the next person, keeping the pieces of the story one or two sentences long.  See what kind of silly and fun story your family can create together! Share your story online so others can enjoy your adventure as well!


Daily Social Emotional Learning Tips

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Family Fun Fridays: Family Fun Friday is meant to be just that… a day full of fun with those closest to you!  Our children, no matter how young or old, crave relationships.  Spending time with one another ensures that a deep, strong bond develops between you and your children.  Strong bonds can build confidence, improve communication skills, and reduce behavioral issues.  Family time can also provide an opportunity to make memories built on fun and laughter. 

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