Social Emotional Learning Tips | Week 4/13

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Family Fun Friday: Paper Airplanes

Today you will learn how to make a paper airplane that flies through the air!  Make it a family activity, with each member making an airplane.  Then, have a friendly contest to see whose airplane flies the farthest!
How to Make a Paper Airplane
You may even decide to color or decorate your airplane!  Have fun!

Thoughtful Thursday: Just a Mess

Little Critter has a hard time finding his baseball mitt because his room is a mess. How frustrating that must feel for him! How do you feel when there's a mess? Think about your feelings when there's a mess.  Then, watch and listen to “Just a Mess” by Mercer Mayer:

Then think about ways to leave some place better than when you found it by helping to clean up! For example, you can take a walk outside with an adult and pick up litter you find in the grass. You could also help your siblings pick up their toys when they're left on the floor. Show how thoughtful you can be by finding ways to help clean up!


Why Should I? Wednesday: Loyalty 

Jeff’s best friends are getting into some really risky behaviors, including dangerous drugs.  What can Jeff do to help his best friend?  Use the link below to learn more about Jeff’s dilemma.  What would you do?
Jeff's Dilemma
Ask your child the following questions:
  • What is Jeff’s dilemma?
  • Have you ever been in a position where you’ve had trouble saying you didn’t want to do something with a friend?  What obstacles did you face?
  • If you were Jeff, what would you do?  What advice would you give Jeff?
There are additional questions at the bottom of the link for more discussion!


Tune in Tuesday: Space Jam!

Times of uncertainty, like what we are experiencing now, are difficult for everyone.  It can be especially difficult for children, who may not understand the changes that aer unfolding before their eyes.  This is an opportunity to build our children up and help them feel confident, safe, and loved.  A great way to do this is with Positive Self Talk! 
Watch the link below for a message from Kid President:

Next, practice Positive Self Talk!  This is something you can do as a family, or individually if you like.  The following sentence-starters are a great way to begin!

  • I feel good when…
  • I am proud of myself because…
  • Something that went well today…
  • I had fun when…
  • I feel strong when…
  • The best part of today was…
  • A good quality I am learning is…
  • Something I am grateful for is…
  • This was interesting today…
  • An accomplishment I made this week…
  • I like this about myself…
  • Something I love about my life…
  • A way I was kind today...

Try drawing a picture of your Positive Self Talk, or writing it out too.  Keep your statements in a journal, or hang them around the house as daily reminders.  Whatever you do, stay safe, healthy, and positive!

Mindfulness Monday: Unlock Your Superpowers!

Doing a quick mindfulness exercise before beginning a learning activity can help your child improve their focus and increase their attention span. Show them how they can be a superhero with the power of their own incredible mind! (Credit: Positive Psychology)

Step 1: Super Posing

Doing fun poses can help them feel strong, brave, and happy.
Go somewhere quiet familiar, and safe to try one of the following poses:

  1. The Superman: stand with your feet just wider than your hips, fists clenched, and arms reached out to the sky, stretching your body as tall as possible.  Superman!!
  2. The Wonder Woman: Stand tall, with your legs wider than hip-width apart and hands or fists placed on the hips.  Wonder Woman!

Try this a few times... how do you feel?  Do you feel EMPOWERED?

Step 2: Activate Your Spidey-Senses

Turn on your “Spidey senses,” or the super-focused senses of smell, sight, hearing, taste, and touch that Spiderman uses to keep tabs on the world around him.  Focus your attention on the present, what is happening right NOW, and open your awareness to the information your senses bring in (Karen Young, 2017).
After a few moments... what did you notice?  Did you HEAR, SEE, SMELL, TASTE, or TOUCH anything new when you activated your “spidey senses?”


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