Social Emotional Learning Tips | Week 4/20

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Mindfulness Monday: I Am Peace

During times of stress, we can allow the stress and chaos around us creep inside, and cause our own anxiety and worry to increase as well.  It’s more important now than ever that we find Peace inside ourselves, as a way of dealing with this very difficult situation. 
Listen to the book I Am Peace by Susan Verde by clicking play below:


Think about the following statements:
  • How do you find peace?
  • Can you feel the ground beneath your feet as you steady yourself?
Give yourself a moment.  Take a deep breath.  And tell yourself it’s alright! 
You.  Are.  Peace.

Tune In Tuesday: Controlling Your Anger

Everyone gets angry at times.  When are sometimes that you have felt angry?  What makes you feel angry?  What did you do when you were angry?  Watch this video about ways to control your anger. 

  • What did you learn from the video?
  • What ideas do they give you? 
  • Which of these ideas can YOU use when you’re feeling angry?

Why Should I? Wednesday: Choices 

We all make choices every day... What will I wear today?  Should I do my homework first or take a nap?  Sometimes the choices we make are tough choices.  In the story below, David is faced with some tough choices when he finds out his peers were not using their social media in a positive way.  What choice will David make?  What would you do?
David's Dilemma
And now think about it: What choice did David have to make?  Have you seen pictures or comments on social media that were mean, or inappropriate?  What did you do?  How did seeing it make you feel? Did you talk to anyone about what you read or saw?  What would you do if you were David?
You can also check for other discussion questions at the end of the story in the link!

Thoughtful Thursday: What Makes Your Heart Happy?

At Delaware Elementary School, Ms. Borell is asking her class "What makes your heart happy?" Click the link below to watch her SeeSaw activity, then follow the instructions and list what makes your heart happy. Then check out what makes other people happy. What’s one way that you can make someone else’s heart happy?  Try to do that today!

Ms. Borell's SeeSaw Activity

Family Fun Friday: Feelings Finder

This is a great game to play as a family, to practice identifying feelings!

Start by writing down one feeling word and draw a matching “feeling face”.  Some different feelings might be: surprised, happy, angry, sad, lonely, confused, frustrated, frightened, and worried.

Hide the labeled “feeling faces” all around the house like an Easter egg hunt and then call the child/children out and let them search for the “feelings faces”.  When the “feelings faces” are all found gather everyone together. Each child can say their feeling out loud, and make the face of that feeling. 
It can be a lot of fun to act out a story about that feeling, or a time the child has experienced the feeling before. They can use their toy cars, dolls, even their figurines to act out a short story in which that feeling takes place.
You can also take turns and talk about people you can go to when you’re experiencing an overwhelming feeling. Maybe deep breaths, time alone, or taking a walk. Different ways everyone can cope with an uncomfortable feeling, or even way in which to celebrate a happy feeling. 


Daily Social Emotional Learning Tips

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