Social Emotional Learning Tips | Week 5/4

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Mindfulness Monday: Cosmic Kids 

Cosmic Kids is a popular YouTube series that offers free, easy to follow, imaginative yoga and mindfulness practices for kids.  Check out the video below for guided mindfulness exercises you can try with your child, including “Finger Breathing”, “Settling Thoughts”, “Listening Game”, “Counting Breaths”, and “Visualizations”. 


Tune In Tuesday: Making Mistakes 

What are some mistakes that you have made – big or small?  How did you feel after making the mistakes?  Watch the video of the book “The Girl Who Never Made Mistakes”. 


Why do you think Beatrice got the best night’s rest of her life after making a big mistake on stage?

Why Should I? Wednesday: Right from Wrong

We all work very hard to make our families proud of us.  Sometimes we may even be a little hard on ourselves because we may feel that we are not doing enough.  Sometimes we may even do things like pick up a sport or try out for the school play just to make our family happy, even though it’s not something we want to do. Andrew is facing a similar situation and he takes things to the next level.  Let’s see what Andrew is faced with.
Andrew's Dilemma
Then think about the following questions: Have you ever stolen anything before? If yes, why?
Why do you think Andrew stole the laptop?  Andrew has never stole before and he knows its wrong, why now?  Have you ever felt like you couldn’t do anything right in the eyes of someone you care about? If yes, how did that make you feel?   Why do you think Andrew didn’t stand up to his father?  If you were in Andrew’s situation what would you do?
There are additional questions at the bottom of the link for more discussion.

Thoughtful Thursday: Kindness Catchers

Typically, “Cootie Catchers” are used to tell someone's fortune's by writing inside the flaps. However, in a “Kindness Catcher” you'll write opportunities to prompt people to do an act of kindness such as, "give a compliment," or "state who you're thankful for." It's a fun game where you'll get to spread kindness to others while being creative.
Create your own Kindness Catcher and share kindness with everyone! Find instructions on how to do so here.

Family Fun Friday: Express It!

Supplies you’ll need: pieces paper cut up into strips, writing utensils, a paper bag, or a sock, any container that you can put the pieces of paper into so that no one can see what will be written on them. Have a container for each person who is going to play this game.
Sometimes we all have feelings about certain situations that we keep inside of us and we don’t share out loud. This is hiding our feelings, just as we can hide something in a sock, or paper bag and not let anyone see what’s inside. Remember a time that you kept a feeling hidden inside, and then write or draw that feeling on your paper. You can also do a "feeling face” instead. The goal is to write down the feelings you don’t say out loud, the feelings you hide inside.
Are there feelings you don’t hide, but share readily with others? Write these down too (usually happy feelings)
If anyone has difficulty identifying feelings here are some examples: happy, sad, mad and, lonely, embarrassed, confused, worried, and scared, frightened, and hopeful.
Invite everyone individually to share the feelings out loud they have written or drawn from their container. If they choose not to that is okay too. The idea is to get them to think about the consequences of hiding feelings inside.
Do you have more feelings that you keep to yourself or more feelings that you express to others?

What do you think would happen if you kept all of your feelings to yourself and never expressed them?

Talk with each other about the negative effects of keeping feelings inside, such as having to solve all of your problems without any help from anyone, worrying about something that you don’t need to worry about, getting stomach aches, and headaches, feeling tired, and feeling afraid.  This is because something is bothering you and you don’t let it out.

Do you feel better or worse when you share their feelings with others?

Have you ever made your problem bigger by not sharing their feelings out loud and getting a stomach ache, headache, or feel sick?

Overall, do you think it’s a good idea to express their feelings or to keep them hidden?


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