ELMS Students Visit ARCADIS Campus

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Students from the Expeditionary Learning Middle School (ELMS) presented their fall exhibitions to the staff at their business partner ARCADIS. ARCADIS is the leading global natural and built asset design and consultancy firm that works with clients to deliver sustainable outcomes through the application of design, consultancy, and engineering and project management services.

The ELMS partnership with ARCADIS fosters the vision of students learning to work effectively in a diverse setting. The students presented various topics and each grade covered different topics from their fall exhibition.

The sixth-grade class researched ancient civilizations and their impact and relationship with water for their fall exhibition. The intricate process involved many drafts from participating students, the final project had writing samples which met with the standards outlined in the NYS 4-point rubric.  Titled “Impact H2O,” the collaborative writing process resulted in a narrative performance. 

Students in the seventh-grade studied how to recognize and analyze an epidemic. In their science classes they learned about the impact of school violence. This research, “Tipping Points,” assisted them in creating a sample doctors visit caused by school violence.

Finally, eight-grade students focused on the progress and dilemmas throughout history. They created silent depictions to enforce the meaning in their writing.

After the presentations, the students ate lunch with the ARCADIS employees and got to see the campus.  The partnership with ARCADIS is in its 2nd year and has included a Christmas Gift Bazaar event.