At Clary, our teachers, administrators and staff are focused on helping all students become more proficient in reading. We are determined to help our students become active, engaged, skilled learners and critical thinkers.

We have some building initiatives and strategies that are aimed at helping our students do just that. We are continuing with our Read to Succeed program which challenges students to read 1,500 books by the end of the school year.  We want to ignite a passion for reading that extends beyond the classroom.  

What can parents and families do to help with reading?
  • Model good reading behaviors
  • Encourage reading at home
  • Visit the local library together
  • Read the same book and discuss it
  • Help students follow the Five Finger Rule
    • Flip to a random page in the book
    • Have the student read
    • Each time they come to a word they don’t know, put one finger in the air
    • If they have ALL five fingers in the air before the end of the page, it is not a perfect fit
    • If student has 2-3 fingers raised, it IS a perfect fit
    • Students should have challenging reading material but books that they can understand
  • Help student find books that interest him/her
  • Feel free to email or call the librarian to ask for suggestions of titles appropriate for their lexile level
  • Use resources below for more information