STEAM at Dr. King Students Learn By Doing

     Published on 11/20/20   Tagged under:    District News    Dr King Elementary School   

Thanks to video lessons from WCNY and creative lessons planned by kindergarten teacher Ms. Kreinheder, STEAM at Dr. King students have been engaging in hands-on science learning!
While studying solids and liquids in science, students watched a video from WCNY that gave an introduction to the concepts. Then, in class, the students talked about mixing solids with liquids and predicting what would happen. By using a Ziplock bag and Skittles, students drew a picture to predict what would happen when the Skittles were put in water. Then, an experiment was conducted!
“The students were very surprised that the Skittles turned white and the water turned colors,” Ms. Kreinheder explained, noting that the WCNY video had shown an Oreo cookie dissolving in water, as well as a popsicle stick turning a darker shade but not dissolving. As a next step, students drained the water and predicted whether or not the Skittles would change colors again. The students were surprised that the candy remained white.
“I think hands-on experiments coupled with the WCNY videos allows the kids to learn by doing,” Ms. Kreinheder said. “When students are engaged with their hands and their minds, they are more focused and excited to learn in my classroom!”