PFLA Students Earn Lynx Love Tickets, Create Positive School Community

     Published on 12/21/20   Tagged under:    District News    PFLA   

PFLA students are creating a positive school atmosphere thanks to a new initiative called Lynx Love Tickets. Created by principal Maggie Taru, staff can give a Lynx Love ticket to students that they see are trying hard, helping each other, doing their assignments and being prepared. At the end of each week, student Lynx Love Tickets are tallied and read on the school’s announcements.
Students can use the tickets in a virtual school store to purchase items such as baseball hats with the school logo, paparazzi jewelry, t-shirts, basketballs, footballs and other sports equipment, face masks and lanyards and more.
“I am hoping that this initiative impacts students’ attendance as well as their behavior and their care for each other,” Principal Taru explained. “This is called Lynx Love because that’s what the students are doing: they’re showing love to each other when they earn the tickets. This really helped carry us through the spring – we kept up student engagement because of this. As it picks up and more kids see it, they’re becoming more interested in it. They want to participate and get more and more tickets. I’ve noticed just in the first couple of weeks, kids engaging more and earning more tickets!”
Principal Taru noted that the school has enacted similar incentives for teachers and families, too. On Fridays, the first person to show their Lynx blue (cobalt blue) on the school Facebook page gets a gift card (students can earn five points to the virtual store). What a creative way to keep students engaged!