ITC Students Produce Virtual Learning Show through Internship

     Published on 2/4/21   Tagged under:    District News    Franklin Elementary School    ITC   

Three ITC seniors in the Media Communications program have been leading the production of a special project – one that is aired on WCNY and viewed by their younger SCSD classmates.
During the pandemic, Jasmine Cole, Annabel Hughes and Luis Guerrero have been coming to school to set up the ITC Media Lab and TV Studio to film the show “Soccer for Success at Home," hosted by Franklin Elementary Physical Education Teacher Amanda Ferriter.
Annabel is the main producer. With the help of Jasmine and Luis, she sets up the lights, microphones, camera, a teleprompter, a switchboard to adjust audio, and graphics/slides to be shown on the TV Monitor. Once the studio set up is complete, the space is sanitized; and once the recording is complete, the file gets sent to WCNY to be added to their programming for SCSD students who are learning at home!
“Fortunately, my internship lets me work remotely, making it easy to social distance between the control room and TV studio,” Annabel said of initial safety concerns due to COVID-19. “I actually have more creative control in how the show turns out since I’m working with less people. It is honestly pretty cool to know that something I’m making is being aired and viewed by other students! When I was younger, I always wanted to work in TV, so having my work be shown on TV is honestly like a dream come true.”
Annabel hopes to study media in college, with a goal of working in the movies as a director, screenwriter or animator. She said the internship has brought her one step closer, adding an impressive listing to her portfolio. Staff even noted the students’ professionalism and knowledge.  
“The setup at ITC is so nice and professionally done,” Ms. Ferriter said. “I love that this has created an opportunity for our oldest students to help develop material that will be utilized not just by SCSD but by the greater community as well. This was true collaboration, as it is different departments working together all for the overall success of ALL students. Mr. Newell has always spoken so highly of the work that his students do, and the work they have created has been quality. Having such resources available to us right within our own schools are something that we should celebrate!”
“This internship experience has helped my students because it gives them an authentic audience of parents and students tuned in to WCNY TV who are watching from home,” Mr. Newell explained. “It is not just another project for Mr. Newell's Media class! It has given my students an opportunity to do hands-on, real-world Media Industry work in a safe environment during a year filled with online and remote learning. It is also preparing them for the next steps in their media career, whether it be college or the workforce, because it proves to them that the work that they are doing is industry standard and that they have the employability skills needed to be successful in the industry.”
Thank you, Annabel, Jasmine and Luis, for using your talents and skills to benefit the SCSD!