ELMS Students Stay Engaged through Growth & Equality Grant Project

     Published on 4/12/21   Tagged under:    District News    Expeditionary Learning School   

ELMS Art teacher Lisa Lambert wanted to find a way to keep her art students inspired even during this year when art class has been exclusively remote. Her plan: use a Cricut to create durable designs to decorate building walls, and produce tshirts, jewelry and other items that contain student work!
Thanks to a grant from the SCSD Educational Foundation, Ms. Lambert’s first project was to print student artwork on tumblers that students could carry with them whether in school or out – to remind them of their talents and keep them feeling positive.
“During a time of unusual learning, I wanted to create a learning environment that supports equality and understanding,” Ms. Lambert explained. “I want to be able to celebrate our students' achievements within the arts by using their images to create items that will showcase their work and inspire students to continue growing as artists virtually.”
Ms. Lambert noted that students who took art first semester were surprised with the tumblers as gifts. Now, she says, students are seeing their classmates’ finished tumblers and are working even harder on their assignments so they will be just as proud of showing off their final work in these creative ways. We appreciate the creative ways teachers are helping students stay motivated during this unusual year!