Syracuse Latin Students Enjoy Virtual STEAM Club

     Published on 5/13/21   Tagged under:    District News    Syracuse Latin   

Syracuse Latin students of all grade levels had a chance to connect with each other virtually and learn in a less structured, hands-on way, thanks to the school’s virtual STEAM Club!
“STEAM is great because it’s so inclusive,” Library Media Specialist Elizabeth Smith, who started the club, explained. “The projects we do explore concepts in science, technology, engineering, art and math - often overlapping elements - so there’s really something for every interest.”
Once a week for eight weeks, scholars met virtually, engaging in seven projects and ending with a virtual STEAM Fair, where students could showcase a STEAM-centered project that they completed on their own. Projects varied from learning about water filtration and learning about the Onondaga Lake cleanup, wind speed, plant life cycles, binary code, potential and kinetic energy and more. Virtually, they each made a tool to measure wind speed, grew their own tomatoes, created a cotton ball launcher, made binary code bracelets, built a scooter robot and more.
In each workshop, Ms. Smith gave background about the project and then students all completed an activity together virtually step-by-step. They discussed the activity, talking about what they have learned and asking any questions they may have.
“I was thoroughly impressed by how well the students were able to follow along with each project even though I was not there by their side to help them troubleshoot,” Ms. Smith said. “They've learned to have patience if an experiment fails the first time, which is all part of the learning and scientific process. They asked great questions and offered thoughtful, inquisitive comments!”