SCSD Student Athletes Persevere and Thrive Despite COVID Athletic Seasons

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This is a photo of 6 student athletes from ITC holding certificates and trophies at their awards night.We are so proud of all of our students for persevering through the challenges of a school year impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic!
Student athletes faced additional challenges – with cancelled or delayed seasons and new rules and regulations to allow them to safely practice their sports during the pandemic. Each SCSD high school recently hosted an athletic awards night, to honor the student athletes who went above and beyond in their academics and their athletics this year. See below for the full list of winners from each school!
“The kids were extremely eager to start back up,” PSLA Varsity Football and Boys Indoor and Outdoor Track Coach John Natoli said of the season finally getting underway. “Sitting home all that time, they were as eager and anxious as we were as coaches to get back into it. You also have to take into account that we got our brand new stadium – they’ve never been in a stadium like that. When you put those things together, there was tons of enthusiasm, tons of motivation. The masks were a setback, having to take temperatures. But we understood and did it and it ended up being okay. We were still able to be positive and productive and move on. We bonded with each other just by being around each other after missing each other for so long. It was an unbelievable feeling to see them playing in that stadium. The kids, the faculty, the community… to see people come out – it was incredibly great on so many levels.”
At PSLA, Coach Natoli noted that in football, the team had three home games and won all three. They won all but one home track meet. Talk about the new stadium bringing a boost of team spirit!
PSLA senior Jaylen Brantley participated in Varsity Football, Track and Basketball. He said this year, athletics were different and challenging but also helped him realize his potential. Next year, he plans to attend St. John Fisher College to major in Sports Management – and will continue playing basketball and football at the collegiate level.
“Playing athletics this year was different, but the experience was like nothing else,” Jaylen said. “The ‘COVID season’ was one of my most successful… and favorite! I was named All-CNY for basketball and All-League for football. Working a job and going to practice was the toughest part, but it was also making it a commitment. It made the chance to play all worth the hard work I put in. I very much enjoyed playing sports this season and can’t wait until college!”
ITC senior Tiana Nguyen Vo, a volleyball player, said the experience of being able to experience her sport during her senior year was a blessing. The experience as a whole, she said, made her wish she had gone to the past optional practices, or arrived earlier in the past – so this year, she appreciated every minute even more.
“We had been pretty sure we would have a fully virtual or hybrid senior year experience, barely going to school and all of that,” Tiana explained. “When Coach told me that volleyball would start in the spring, I was ecstatic. We were hyped to play, to get better, and have another great season. Being a senior especially, I had so much stress during that time, especially after the Fall and Winter when I would juggle college applications and college classes. My best friends that have played with me since middle school, my great coaches, and even the teammates in Junior Varsity that I don't really talk to – seeing them every day helped clear my mind and lift my spirit. I am extremely grateful to just have been there. Just being in that gym was the best part.”
Her coach, Holly Hazen, echoed similar sentiments about COVID helping the team appreciate the many benefits of their sport and the camaraderie it brings.
“Our players never lost motivation,” Coach Hazen said. “Evert day, they would arrive at practice, do their check-in duties and get right to work.  Our seniors were our leaders and they pushed each other knowing our season was a little shorter and could end abruptly due to COVID.  As coaches we always had it in our heads that if we got quarantined the season wouldn't stop! We would meet with our players every day on Microsoft Teams and keep up with at home workouts and conditioning.  We worked with students on academics to ensure they were meeting their academic goals. ?An entire generation of sports players saw their school-based sports programing interrupted or put on hold. I think our players now see the value in how important sports programing is, both in the physical state and emotional mindset.  I believe our players worked harder academically and in volleyball this season than in the past because of the uncertainty of the pandemic.” 
Corcoran Girls Soccer Coach Steve Schroth said that in his 20 years of coaching, this was the most challenging year of them all… but also the most rewarding.
“Every minute was worth it,” Coach Schroth said. “It wasn't hard motivating the athletes to come out to play. The whole world was on pause, and everyone was looking to get out of the house. Even if not to play, those we contacted were jumping at the opportunity just to come out and support athletics, to be a part of something again and to feel like life was returning to normal. The coaches and the District, in essence, provided a service to our community by making these opportunities available through athletics. It didn't take long for the coaches to recognize that we were part of something meaningful and remarkable. Our players needed this... in the true spirit of athletics, their engrained competitive nature drove them to persevere through these tough times.”
Congratulations to all of our student athletes for following health and safety protocols and persevering through this unusual year!

2021 ITC Award Recipients

Male Scholar Athlete-Raquan Pride
Female Scholar Athlete-Tiana Vo
Male Sportsmanship Award-Prince Muhammad
Female Sportsmanship Award-Nahesha Turner
Male Athlete of the Year-Raquan Pride
Female Athlete of the Year-Karizma Brathwaite

2021 PSLA Award Recipients

Chaunthia Flint Award-Kimora Reid
Antoine Rucker Award-Jaheim Bowers
Dick Smith Female Perseverance Award-Makayla Aldrich
Dick Smith Male Perseverance Award-Merdi Musengi
Female A-1 Sportsmanship Award-Ty’Ginae Brown
Male A-1 Sportsmanship Award-Belal Hamad
Female Athlete of The Year-Madeline Braun
Male Athlete of The Year-Jaylen Brantley

2021 Corcoran Award Recipients

Four Year Sport Awards: The four-year sport awards are given to athletes in recognition of their commitment to a sport as a freshman through their senior year.  Recipients of this award are committed individuals deserving of special recognition.
Kya Aldrich (Girls Soccer)
Maggie Boyle (Girls Soccer)
Islah Muhammad (Girls Soccer)                  
Orla Lacey (Girls Swim)                  
Sarai Brown (Girls Volletball)                        
Paul Porch (Boys Lacrosse)                           
Avion Grainger (Basketball)
JoJo Williams (Basketball)
Trace McTaggart (Basketball)
Shamir Judge (Basketball)                              
Izaya Duncan (Football)
Jesiah Love-Adair (Football)
Paul Porch (Football)
JoJo Williams (Football)                                  
Maggie Boyle (Girls Lacrosse)
Haley Clarke (Girls Lacrosse)
Morgan O'Toole (Girls Lacrosse)
Kya Aldrich (Girls Lacrosse)                           
Pedro Marte (Baseball)
Kevin Schmidt (Baseball)
Alexi Vazquez (Baseball)
Coaches Award (Corcoran)
Kya Aldrich (Varsity Girls Soccer)
Maggie Boyle (Varsity Girls Soccer)
Orla Lacey (Varsity Girls Swim)
Shawnai Ku (Varsity Volleyball)
Sarai Brown (Varsity Volleyball)
Nataiya Gordon (Varsity Volleyball)
Paul Porch (Varsity Lacrosse)
JoJo Williams (Varsity Basketball)
Trace McTaggart (Varsity Basketball)
Izaya Duncan (Varsity Football)
Paul Porch (Varsity Football)                      
Destiny Copes (Varsity Crew)
Natalia Amado (Varsity Cross Country)  
Elizabeth Soe (Varsity Tennis)
Sandra Leon-Rivera (Varsity Tennis)
Vanessa Vergara (Varsity Tennis )             
Maggie Boyle (Varsity Girls Lacrosse)
Morgan O'Toole (Varsity Girls Lacrosse)
Pedro Marte (Varsity Baseball)
Kevin Schmidt (Varsity Baseball)
Juhudi Boazi (Varsity Soccer)
Thomas Nimineh (Varsity Soccer)
Principal’s Award: The Principal’s Award is given to selected individuals that demonstrate exemplary performance in athletics, character, and academics. 
George Chesna
Parmille Dihmal
Charlie Rubido Award:  Charlie Rubido was a Corcoran graduate who joined the military after graduation in order to serve our country.  In servce to our nation Charlie Rubido gave his life while serving overseas.  This recognition is awarded to two athletes that demonstrate character, community, outstanding performance, loyalty, and character at Corcoran HS. 
Jovon Riddick
Nataiya Gordon
A1 Trophy Award:  The A1 Trophy Company is a long-standing supporter of local sports in the Central NY area. The company provides two awards each year for outstanding performance in athletics, character, and academics.
Shamir Judge
Shawnai Ku
Scholar Athlete: The Scholar Athlete Award is provided to two students who participate in multiple sports while maintaining the highest GPA’s while playing more than one sport.
Jesiah Love-Adair
Maggie Boyle
Athletes of the Year: JoJo Williams, Kya Aldrich

2021 Henninger Award Recipients

Scholar Athletes: The NYSPHSAA’s Scholar Athlete Award Program has been created to recognize outstanding Scholastic achievement by varsity level Student-Athletes. We are pleased to be able to award the individuals who attain a 90 or above individual GPA while competing during their season.
Adams, Masturah Hope- Tennis
Al Masalmeh, Esraa Ameen- Swim
Amare, Finan- Track
Beccheria, Eva- Crew
Bienvenu, Olivier- Soccer
Bonferraro, Kabrey-Crew                            
Cameron, Lauren Taylor- Tennis
Cowles, Rebecca- Volleyball
D'andrea, Izabella- Volleyball
Daniel, Mlasi- Cross Country
Downs, Jessiah- Basketball
Giscombe, Annetta- Track
Jackson, Toryana- Cross Country, Track
Kirkpatrick, Alexis Nicole- Track
Koroma, Jashan- Basketball
Kunzmann, Nicole- Swim, Softball
Leonard, Corbin- Football
Lewis, Xzavier Kaiel- Football
Maxam, Jayden- Football, Track
Melendez, Mario Jadiel- Cross Country
Mohamed, Sidali- Soccer, Wrestling
Munoz-Oliva, Brayan- Soccer
Muratore, Nicole- Cross Country
Nguyen, Thanhngan- Tennis
Odilia, Sifa Ndeze- Soccer
Pettit, Madison Sage- Volleyball
Santoro, Dominic- Baseball
Smith, Rylee- Lacrosse
Sparkman, Eric- Football
Vigliotti-Martinez, Cristina- Softball
Vigliotti-Martinez, Giantonia- Swimming, Softball
Wojcik, Laine- Crew
Yal, Aweng- Basketball
Section 3 Top Scholar Athletes
Mario Jadiel Melendez
Toryana Jackson
Anthony Galeazzi Award (Outstanding Student, Athlete, Citizenship; Excellence in Physical Education)
Carlito Aldamuy
Sylone Davis
Carl Nellons/Jackie White Memorial Award (Outstanding Character, Spirit and Ability)
Sidali Mohamed
Aleesha Rowell-Holmes
Steven King W Memorial Award (Outstanding Leadership, Citizenship, Scholastics and Athletics)
Carlos Marques Nixon
Kayla Worley
Patrick F. Spadafora Award (Outstanding Junior Female Student-Athlete, Citizenship and Scholastics)
Nicole Kunzmann                                    
Cornell Award (Outstanding Junior Male Student-Athlete, Citizenship and Scholastics)
Malik Egerton
Robert W. Oliver Award (Outstanding Scholar-Athlete, Key contributor to the team)
Xzavier Kaiel Lewis
Toryana Jackson                                                    
Outstanding Senior Female Athlete of the Year
Giantonia Vigliotti Martinez
Joseph J Mazella Outstanding Senior Male Athlete of the Year  
Eric Sparkman                   
Unsung Hero male
Carl Witherel III
Unsung Hero Female
Nicole Muratore
Henninger Awards Trophies 2021             .
Cheerleading: MVP - Angelina Darrigo
Coach's - Aleesha Rowell Holmes
Football: Coach's - Jahkese Rivers, Jayden Maxam
Soccer – Boys: MVP - Olivier Bienvenu
Coach's - Sanjit Subba      
Soccer – Girls: Coach's - Larissa Flint
Swimming – Girls: MVP - Giantonia Vigliotti-Martinez     
Tennis – Girls: Coach's - Tigner, Samarra
Coach's - Kamanda, Mediatrice
Volleyball-Girls: Coach's - Sylone Davis
Coach's - Ajerei Diaz
X-Country – Boys: Coach's - Mario Jadiel Melendez
Coach's - Yusuf Osman Ali
X-Country – Girls: MVP - Toryana Jackson
Coach's - Mlasi Daniels                                                                    
Basketball – Boys: MVP - Evan Keiley
Coach's - Jason and Jashan Koroma
Basketball – Girls: MVP - Worley, Kayla
Coach's - Sade Woods
Bowling – Boys: Coach's - Xavier Ramos
Winter Cheerleading: MVP - Daylisia Castro Felder
Coach's - Cristina Vigliotti Martinez         
Swimming – Boys: MVP - Ryan Sampson                 
Wrestling: MVP - Sidali Mohamed
Coach's - Malik Egerton                                                  
Baseball: Coach's - Ryan Sampson
Coach's - Dominic Santoro
Crew: Coach's - Kenna Murphy                  
Lacrosse – Boys: MVP - Carl Witheral
Coach's - Eric Sparkman
Lacrosse – Girls: Coach's - Aleesha Rowell-Holmes              
Outdoor Track – Boys: MVP - Keenan Cannon
Coach's - Yusuf Osman Ali
Outdoor Track – Girls: Coach's - Belvia Konodji
Coach's - Dionne Delafe
Softball: Coach's - Meghan Owens

2021 Nottingham Award Recipients

Gary Crawford Award
Outstanding Senior Athlete/Volunteer
Zinkovitch, Aneesa
George J. Costanino Memorial Award
Outstanding Senior Student/Athlete/Integrity/Repsect
Dale, Tyler           Almafrachi, Maryam
Booster Club Sportsmanship Award
Outstanding Senior/Positive Attitude about Team Goals
Withrow, Lauryn               Win, Than
Booster Club Bulldog Award
Outstanding Senior Male/Scholar/Character/Leadership
Robinson, Malik Weah, Princess
Sarah Theiner Memorial Scholarship Award
Outstanding Senior Female/Scholar/Character/Leadership
Thomas, Tyler
Scholar Athlete of the Year Female
Scott, Molly
Scholar Athlete of the Year Male
Murphy-Stanley, Devin
Female Athlete of the Year
Williams, Amaya
Male Athlete of the Year
Schofield-Broadbent, William
Coach of the Year
Steven Schroth
Spring Awards
Williams, Ben     Comeback Player of the Year       Boys Lacrosse
Win, Than            Most Improved Boys Outdoor Track
Da, Rawri             Coach’s Award  Boys Outdoor Track
Giardine, Kyle    Most Valuable Player     Boys Tennis
Mann, Leo           Rookie of the Year           Boys Tennis
Esposito, Paige  Coach’s Award  Girls Lacross
Stephens, A’Mya             Coach’s Award  Softball
Winter Awards
Korba, Kipling     Most Improved Bowling
Krausnik, Jason Most Valuable Bowler    Bowling
McGrew, Deondre          Most Valuable Player     Boys Basketball
McCurty, Malachi             Most Improved Boys Basketball
Carson, Thomas Most Valuable Swimmer               Boys Swimming/Diving
Phillips, Leo        Lightning Award               Boys Swimming/Diving
Howard, Nazjae Senior of the Year            Cheerleading
Jones, Aniyah    Most Outstanding            Cheerleading
Glen, Zyonaha   Most Improved Girls Basketball
Williams, Amaya               Most Valuable Player     Girls Basketball
Fall Awards
Auwaerter, Robin            Most Valuable Runner   Boys Cross Country
Perdue, Cori       Most Improved Runner Boys Cross Country
Schofiled-Broadbent, William     Coach’s Award  Boys Soccer
Makengera, Jean Pierre Most Improved Boys Soccer
Nguyen, Hao      Coach’s Award  Boys Volleyball
Murphy-Stanley, Devin Most Valuable Player     Boys Vollyball
Willams, Che’zure           Coach’s Award  Cheerleading
Robinson, Miyanah         Most Outstanding Rookie             Cheerleading
Peters, Marlen  Most Valuable Player     Football
Hicks, Kellen       Rookie of the Year           Football
Feeney-O’Connor, Sinead            Coach’s Award  Girls Cross Country
Scott, Molly        Most Valuable Runner   Girls Cross Country
Emelancia, Ntaconayigize             Most Outstansding Midfielder    Girls Soccer
Terrinoni, Ilaria  Most Outstanding Offensive Player          Girls Soccer
Siwinski, Mai      Most Valuable Swimmer               Girls Swimming/Diving
Stephens, A’Mya              Lightning Award               Girls Swimming/Diving
Bhattarai, Asmita             Most Valuable Player     Girls Tennis
Shalaan, Hiba     Coach’s Award  Girls Tennis
Zinkovitch, Aneesa          Leadership Award            Girls Volleyball
Nyamatungo, Lydia         Spirit Award       Girls Volleyball