Delaware Students Spread Happiness in Kindness Challenge

     Published on 9/2/21   Tagged under:    District News    Delaware Primary   

This is a photo of a group of students and teachers crowded around their classroom door, which they decorated with handprints and a message of kindness.Ms. Rodriguez's 2nd graders smiled and giggled as they moved around the school, “sprinkling kindness” everywhere. Ms. Hofman's 4th graders walked around giving kind notes to staff members and classmates. Ms. Brown's 1st graders made ‘helping hands’ and sent them to students at Dr. Weeks.
Students from all grade levels at Delaware Primary spent the end of summer engaged in a Kindness Challenge – with the goal of helping their school perform as many acts of kindness as possible over the course of just two weeks!
Students were each provided with a checklist of 50 kind acts – including smiling and complimenting others, telling a joke, making a new friend, picking up trash, helping or reading to another student, saying thank you to someone they appreciate and more. As a class, students were challenged to complete all 50 challenges.
Classrooms also participated in a kindness door decorating contest, featuring colorful designs with kind quotes; as well as a wall of kindness, where students could list their acts of kindness, write notes with compliments or draw happy pictures. Prizes were awarded for the first class to complete the kindness checklist, as well as winners of the door decorating contest, most creative “wall of kindness” entries and more.
Vice Principal Janel Milana said the challenge was adapted from The Great Kindness Challenge, a national event used as an anti-bullying program that was designed to help schools build a positive culture.
“I wanted our summer school to continue to create a positive and kind environment for students so they can feel safe, happy, and successful at Delaware,” Ms. Milana explained. “The students enjoyed the challenge and I noticed they were happier and less stressed and frustrated. They were very proud of their classroom doors that they decorated, and they often told me of the kindness challenges they completed for the day. This challenge helped me see that little acts of kindness can go a long way, like greeting someone by saying ‘Good Morning!’”
Ms. Milana noted that the kindness challenge also aligned with the Scholastic Curriculum, in which students were reading stories about kindness and friendships. She hoped that the kindness challenge would help students practice interacting with their peers in a positive manner so they could develop long-lasting friendships. The school plans to build upon the kindness challenge in the new school year, creating Kindness Stations within the school and offering more kindness challenges and contests!