8th Grade Students Experience High School Pathways at Annual CTE Expo

     Published on 12/7/21   Tagged under:    District News    Corcoran High School    Henninger High School    ITC    Nottingham High School    PSLA @ Fowler    Syracuse Latin   

This is a photo of two boys practicing cutting the hair of a display mannequin, while a high school barbering student looks on.“It’s so bizarre,” ITC sophomore Heidi Ly shared as she stood next to a P-TECH table at this year’s CTE Expo, watching 8th graders wander by. “I was that 8th grader a few years ago, and now I’m presenting to them and they are seeing what their future could be.”
All SCSD 8th graders had the opportunity to experience the dozens of Career and Technical Education pathways available to them as high school students, thanks to the annual SCSD CTE Expo.
Heidi – and several of her peers – previously attended the CTE Expo when they were in 8th grade. Now, they act as student representatives, talking with current 8th graders about the various programs and pathways.
“In 8th grade, I was a little overwhelmed by all the programs,” Heidi, now a P-TECH engineering student, recalled. “I was always interested in doing hands-on work and I was looking into engineering. I remember the CTE Expo was very cool because I was able to relate to someone in the engineering program. Now, it’s like seeing mini version of myself. I told the 8th graders that if they are a hands-on person who likes math and science, P-TECH could be a good opportunity for them. I told them what the P-TECH program offers. It pushes you to work harder because of the classes you take. I have gotten better at studying and that will help me earn my Associates degree at OCC; and P-TECH lets us talk to different businesses and learn what they are looking for and how to get ready for that!”
Syracuse Latin had the opportunity to send students to the Expo for the first time this year, as the first year the expanded middle school has 8th grade students. At least two Latin students were impressed by Heidi and her classmates at the P-TECH table!
“It was a great opportunity to open my eyes to new possibilities that I didn’t know were out there,” Dayrone Fleder said. “My favorite part was seeing the different demonstrations at each table. I found the engineering program most interesting, and I learned that they can make a lot of money! Engineering could be something that I pursue. The Expo gave me a lot of perspective and showed me there are more options and opportunities when I get to high school.”
“My favorite part of the Expo was the experiments at each table,” Elif Coskun shared. “The Health Information table had an actual sheep brain! The P-TECH program sounded interesting to me, because I love Biology and I’m intrigued by engineering as well. I may combine the two together somehow! The students presenting there all seemed really interested in what they were doing. I literally took all the information cards from each table to review in order to make an informed decision!”
To learn more about the CTE programs offered in the Syracuse City School District, visit http://www.syracusecityschools.com/CTE