Ed Smith Students Host ‘Penny Wars’ Collection to Benefit United Way of Central New York

     Published on 12/16/21   Tagged under:    District News    Ed Smith   

By Jaineya Wright, Ed Smith 8th grade student
During the month of November, Ed Smith School participated in what we like to call “Penny Wars.” To put it simply, this competition’s goal was to raise money for the United Way Foundation, and to do that students from every class had to bring in pennies. If they brought in anything other than pennies – for instance, nickels, dimes, quarters, or even dollar bills, it would subtract from the total amount of pennies the class collected. Please keep in mind that this subtraction does not take away from what will be given to the United Way in the end!
 This is a photo of four Ed Smith students sitting at a round table, each counting a pile of pennies.
Overall, the competition lasted a week and was something fun that the students could do whilst giving back to others at the same time. There were even classes that had over seventy dollars worth of pennies on the first day! Now, you may be wondering ‘How did all those pennies get counted?’
Keep in mind, a total of $946 dollars and more than 36,000 pennies and about 8,000 silver coins were counted by 8th graders. Between the 6th graders who collected the classroom buckets daily and the 8th graders who then counted coins at multiple times throughout the day, we worked like little elves!
Was it difficult? Well, to know that, we’d have to ask the select few that participated behind the scenes of the Penny Wars.
Yonailys said, “In my opinion, penny counting was fun but it was also a little bit exhausting.”
“It was fun, but my hands smelled really bad afterwards,” said Charlie.
Kymir simply said, “It was fun.”
Seeming very interested in what was asked, Deandre said, “It was fun; I had a good time doing it as well. It just took a long time, but if given the chance I’d do it again.”
Richaine stated, “It was fun and interesting.”
Jewel added, “There were both good and bad things about counting the pennies. First, I got to do something in between classes so I wasn’t bored and I also got to hangout with friends. But after a while, there was just way too much to do.”
Awo stated, “The cons were that the pennies were hard to keep count of. The pro was that it was fun to socialize with people and help the cause.’’
In my opinion, as a whole school, we enjoyed supporting the United Way. The competition was fierce in that we had three classes that raised over $130.00 in pennies alone. Not only that, but it also involved teamwork when it came to counting the pennies. Many people paired up in groups of two or even three depending on how big the bags were. Working together made it more efficient to get it done quicker. This experience is something many of us wouldn’t mind doing again if given the chance and helps students feel a part of a team. In the end, Mr. Netti’s 4th grade class was the winner, but actually, we all won because the proceeds went to support the homeless, so that made everyone feel good during the holidays. I will remember this experience.
Thank you to Ed Smith 8th grade student Jaineya Wright for sharing this story!