New Code of Conduct, Character and Support Approved

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The Board of Education approved the new Code of Conduct, Character and Support at their September 10th meeting.  The new Code goes into effect immediately.

The new Code clearly and concisely reinforces the roles and responsibilities of students, staff and parents and sets forth expectations for student behavior.  It ensures fair, appropriate and equitable student discipline practices while complying with all applicable laws and regulations.

The work of revising the Code was completed by a 50 member task force.  The task force, which consisted of community members, staff, students and parents worked for seven months to create the new document.  There are 5 major shifts in the new Code:
  1. A greater emphasis on accountable and restorative interventions that will support students to improve their behavior and experience greater success at school
  2. A greater emphasis on promotion of positive social behaviors and prevention of discipline problems
  3. Differentiated responses to discipline problems for students in grades Prekindergarten-5 and students in grades 6-12
  4. More precise descriptions of behavior concerns and violations aligned to levels of specific interventions and consequences
  5. More limited use of out-of-school suspension, in-school suspension, and removal of students from the classroom.
The implementation of the new Code of Conduct, Character and Support will play a critical role in the District’s overall efforts to create safe, orderly and nurturing learning environments in which all children can learn, thrive and be prepared to graduate ready for success. 

Parent University is offering six information sessions for parents and families on the newly adopted Code of Conduct, Character and Support.  Meals and child care are provided at the evening sessions.  For more information please contact Monique Wright-Williams at 435-6275.