All 6th graders MUST NOW have their Tdap shots to stay in school. The rule used to wait for the 11th birthday but this in no longer the case-. ALL 6th graders must have Tdap to be in school. They must also have 2 Varicella shots ( chickenpox)  After this year, there are no more exceptions .
All students in 7th and 8th grade must have Physical exams on file in order to play sports. The physicals must include Ht, wt, Vision exams , BMI recordings, scoliosis checks and a Tanner scale for Sports approval.
NY State Mandates that every 7th grader have a physical exam during the 7th grade school year whether one plays sports or not. This exam must include a vision exam, scoliosis screening, HT wt,  and BMI reporting also.
Any student who carries and uses their own Inhalers or medications must still have a Doctor's order on file with the school nurse saying they are allowed to self administer and self-carry AND a parent must have signed a permission form as well. Middle school students are allowed and encouraged to have their own Asthma Inhalers with them esp. if they play sports. Anyone caught carrying any  medications not ordered  by a doctor for school , could face disciplinary consequences per NYS law.
Morning medications  for ADD. ADHD, or behavior are no longer given by school Nurses. These medication should be given at home before the child gets on their buses. We want our students ready to learn and focus as soon as they come into our schools each morning.
The school nurse here covers 2 schools. Her hours are : 10 a.m. until 11:15 each day and returns again before 12 noon until dismissal.
Please leave a message if you need to speak with the nurse.

Nurse's Office:   Phone:315-435-4053
                        Fax: 435-4960