SCSD Students Compete in MOST Vex Robotics Competition

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A group of Syracuse City School District students were big winners this past Saturday at the Museum of Science & Technology (MOST), taking home numerous awards at the 2015 Central New York Regional VEX IQ Robotics Challenge. The VEX IQ Challenge included a total of 12 participating teams, each competing on a 4-foot by 8-foot platform with 36 colored cubes scattered throughout. Teams had to use robots they created to move as many cubes as possible from their starting positions to the scoring zone on the opposite end of the platform.

The Danforth A Team from Danforth Middle School took home the Excellence Award, thanks to team members Terrance Henry (7th grade) and Rakim Gunn (8th grade) and teacher Justin Abbott. In addition to earning the Excellence Award, the Danforth A Team also worked with the Techtonics Team from Lincoln Middle School to receive the Teamwork Champion Awards. The Techtonics team, Matthew McCauliffe and Donnie Fuller (both in 7th grade) was led by teacher Thomas Butler.

Grant Middle School’s Team Cheetahs, sixth-graders Montana Goodnow and Paige Sutton and teacher Rob Woolery, also earned a prize: the Robot Skills Champion Award. Meanwhile, Frazer Middle School seventh-grader Jade Cox (with teachers Sam Spalding and John Jaworski) impressed the judges with her commitment and perseverance, competing as a team of one.

Also demonstrating collaboration was the Westside Academy at Blodgett H team. Eighth-graders Miguel Acosta, Jazmine Hollowman and Anibal Padilla and teacher Fahad Rahmat earned the Sportmanship Award when Acosta teamed up with Frazer’s Jade Cox to help her compete. Congratulations to all teams on their impressive performances!