ELMS Students Host 'Day of Peace'

     Published on 5/18/15   Tagged under:    District News   

Seventh graders at Expeditionary Learning Middle School hosted a community “Day of Peace” as part of their yearlong Quest for Change curriculum.
Throughout the year, students studied guiding questions, including: why do people seek change? Why are people willing to make sacrifices for change? How do variables influence the quest for change? Why do some people lead and others follow?
Students tackled tasks such as researching peacemakers in the Syracuse community, designing robots that could improve our city, developing slogans and billboards to spread a message of peace and more. They even examined Syracuse crime data.
ELMS ELA teacher Elizabeth Buecher was the primary coordinator to assist students in their expedition. “Our hope is that when we re-evaluate the statistics that we see that our day was especially peaceful in comparison to days like it in the past,” she said.
At the culminating “Day of Peace” event, students presented documentaries they created about Syracuse’s role in a quest for freedom. They displayed their robotic work and science exhibits showing how science has inspired change, and they exhibited artwork and masks they created representing what freedom meant to them.
But while the event was intended to share their research and ideas with the community at large, Ms. Buecher says it is the students themselves who have been changed most by the experience.
“The students were truly empowered by this experience through the process of interviewing and learning about peacemakers to becoming peacemakers themselves,” she explained. “Through creating their Peacemakers of Syracuse Book, their work lives on beyond our classroom walls and has a lasting impact on our community.  It was an amazing experience watching their confidence in themselves and their passion about our subject matter develop over the course of the year and I think it's something we will all remember forever.”
Thank you to all ELMS students and staff who made this event a success!
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