Syracuse City School District Supports The GI Go Fund with "Jeans for Troops"

     Published on 5/28/15   Tagged under:    District News   

Faculty and staff at Syracuse City School District high schools raised $696 for the GI Go Fund in a Memorial Day fundraiser, “Jeans for Troops.”
On Thursday, May 21st, faculty and staff at high schools in the Syracuse City School District were proud to participate in the GI Go Fund “Jeans for Troops” program in honor of Memorial Day. District staff had the opportunity to contribute to the GI Go Fund, earning them the ability to wear jeans in the workplace. Also in celebration of Memorial Day, SCSD students were given poppy pins to wear and learned about the historical tradition of the custom.
Corcoran High School contributed the most money, raising $311 for the effort, with teachers noting that students in Ms. Files’ ‘History of the Americas’ classes presented lessons in each social studies class on the significance of Memorial Day.
At the Institute of Technology at Syracuse Central (ITC), students in Kerri Lopez’s social studies class read the poem ‘In Flanders Fields’ by John McCrae, which was the inspiration for the poppy being a symbol of fallen soldiers.
Public Service Leadership Academy (PSLA) Global Social Studies Teacher Daniel Killenbec shared his pride in the district’s efforts, adding, “We do this for the troops at PSLA!”