Ed Smith Students Learn How to 'Lead with Safety' with National Grid

     Published on 6/24/15   Tagged under:    District News   

“Ew! It smells like sewer!” a student exclaimed as he caught a scent of natural gas.
At a “Leading with Safety” demonstration by National Grid, fourth and fifth grade students at Ed Smith School learned about electricity and gas safety. Intended to help prevent shock and burn injuries common among children under age 14, the event allowed students to learn about how to be safe with electricity.
“Electricity flows through conductors and it can flow through you,” a National Grid employee explained, asking students how far away from electrical equipment they should stay.
“Ten feet!” the students exclaimed in unison, prompting praise from the employee for being attentive during an earlier presentation.
Students watched an electrical safety demonstration where they learned that playing near live wires and power lines can lead to injury. They tried on rubber boots and rubber gloves that National Grid workers wear to protect themselves near live wires. They learned about equipment like ladders, buckets and wire cutters that employees use, and even how a power meter works!
As the “Leading with Safety” event wrapped up, students were encouraged to stay away from downed power lines and to talk to their families about what they learned about being safe around electricity.
Thank you to National Grid for sponsoring this important event!