McKinley-Brighton Students Plant Trees to Brighten up Neighborhood Park

     Published on 9/18/15   Tagged under:    District News    McKinley-Brighton Elementary School   

Fourth and fifth graders from McKinley-Brighton visited McKinley Park to plant 14 trees as part of a partnership with the Save the Rain program, Cornell Cooperative Extension and Onondaga Earth Corps.
As staff explained the procedure for properly planting a tree, students were animated in rattling off facts they had learned about trees.
“On average, do you know how many gallons of water a tree uses each year?” students were asked.
“One thousand!” one student correctly shouted.
“They help drink all the water up,” another piped up.
This was the third time students had planted trees at McKinley Park, as previously planted ones have been broken down or removed. But program leaders say the unintentional repetition is helpful to the youngsters as they gain an appreciation for trees and the way nature works.
“We like to get schools involved and help children understand the value of trees and the benefits they bring to us,” Katherine Korba of the Cornell Cooperative Extension explained. “We want the kids to be stewards of the trees and tell their friends what they can do to help the environment!”
Fifth grader Willie Surrey was happy to be a tree steward, explaining why they are important. “Trees help the community,” he explained. “When you plant trees, the leaves take in sunlight and make it into food for the trees. Then, the leaves put out oxygen that we breathe in!”
Classmate Jay’son Parker added, “People have been breaking the trees, but I’m glad I’m helping plant more. They make us all healthier!”
Great work to the McKinley-Brighton students for improving the neighborhood’s curb appeal, and thank you to the staff and community partners who led them in this project! 

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